Sunday, September 16, 2007

E for Entertainment

I recently met a friend for dinner and we adjourned to her house for coffee after that. It was the first time I’d been to her house and was truly curious to see what her house looked like as her husband was a famous architect who had designed many show rooms and show units for luxury apartments. As expected, her house was beautifully and stylishly designed with minimalist modern lines and lots of glass. Even her bathroom walls were glass! What caught my eye, however, was an elegant entertainment center which stood reign in her living room. It was made of dark walnut solid wood which gave an elegant albeit masculine touch to the room. A sliding panel hid an expensive flat screen Plasma TV while shelves below housed the AV and DVD sets. I like how the furniture was designed to have slim shelves by the side of the TV which was perfect for DVDs or videos. Little recesses also made it perfect for displaying family photographs and little knick knacks. It was a really nice house and I’d love to have a house just like that someday! First, I’ll need to save up hard for it though otherwise a house like that will live only in my dreams!

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