Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Join the Hunt

I used to watch lots of Disney cartoons when I was a child and one of my particular favourite was one where Donald used to hunt geese and bears in the snowy mountainside with lots of mishaps, as usual! Hunting used to be a very popular sport. The royal family of England still indulges in their hunting activities despite the constant protests from environmentalists. People in Scotland, too still hunt for wild salmon although they are now more curtailed through tighter laws and license requirements. Recently, I read too about how snow geese hunting is now fast becoming a sport across Missouri as well.

Snow geese hunting is one of the finest wing shooting the Midwest of America offers. The hunting season is carried out every year in late February and early March when the snow geese from the Northwest corner of the state commence their migration paths further north to their breeding grounds. Companies like Show Me Show Geese have private hunting lands in northwest and southeast Missouri which they conduct quality hunting trips on. They provide hunts for all kinds of show geese and waterfowl at reasonable prices. All hunters will be accompanied by their highly motivated personnel with over forty years of hunting experience and with their quality decoys, lands and equipment, I’m sure you will not end up empty-handed at the end of the day!

So if you’ll like to try your hand at a new sport, why not try hunting snow geese with Show Me Snow Geese?

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Anonymous said...

Neat I just saw this I have huted ducks with these guys and had a blast