Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Keeping Romance Alive

Women have been conditioned with the idea of romance since they were little. Every fairy tale ends up with the princess being rescued by a romantic prince who woes her with flowers and that white stallion. Hollywood movies are always about romantic men sweeping their ladies off their feet with Tiffany & Co rings, elaborate proposals and dinners on top of the Eiffel Tower. But how about real life? Real life isn’t a bed of romantic roses, strawberries with sparkling champagne or delicious bubble baths run by your men. It isn’t about creative proposals using fireworks, the Sears Tower or atop a ferris wheel.

So what happens when real life problems, children and commitments start creeping into that magical world where only two of you once existed? Couples should never forget what brought them together in the first place and should strive to keep their romance alive. With great ideas from good sites such as RomanceForEveryone.com, husbands no longer have any excuses to forget to romance their wife with a sweet gesture every now and then and likewise for the wives. So if it feels like your romantic life is going downhill, hope over for a read and bring it back up again! Your partner will love you more for it!

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