Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hair Loss Begone

I was recently surfing when I came across a blog which chronicled a woman’s life dealing with hair loss at a young age. Most people do not imagine that young people too can suffer from hair loss and can be cruelly insensitive to their woes like what this young woman experienced. Frustrated with the pain and suffering she was going through, she decided to create a blog called Women’s Hair Loss Project to tell her experiences in life going through a hair loss disorder. Unlike what some think, it is actually an uncontrollable disorder where there is no cure.

Being female, she suffered a lot of emotional turmoil, envy at seeing other women with long thick and shiny hair and loss of self-confidence. However, she was strong and I truly admire how she managed to turn around her condition through her Womens Hair Loss Blog and create a normal life for herself despite having to deal with thinning hair. Being a woman myself, I can only imagine what she had to go through and quietly applaud her from the sides.

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