Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Estrogen Overdose

They say that our brains are partly male and female, in varying proportions. I think in my case, when my hormones were dosed out, I got an overdose of estrogen! Hence, the name of this blog - because female me loves pretty pink and glitter and Elle after dear blonde Elle Woods whose blonde moments I often find myself in!

I have a terrible sense of direction and need to hopelessly rely on landmarks to get me to my destination. I can't tell left from right :p My dad can tell me "Turn right up ahead". I'll say "OK" and promptly turn left. I can't fix things to save my life. And best of all, I can't install or uninstall anything electronic - Manuals scare me!

This came to mind when our new telly came last night. I went home to find that only TV3 was visible. I glanced at the manual, pressed some buttons in a feeble attempt to tune into the other channels and when it didn't listen, I did what I always do - Call Sis! Where I'm utterly useless at fixing stuff, she's an expert at figuring out how to make a TV, DVD, camera, etc work! And true enough, she didn't let me down and had all channels tuned and running within half an hour! Just in time for me to catch my weekly dose of Desperate Housewives!

What'll I do without her?! It's times like this when I feel I'm not much bigger than small ball of pink fluff. Heh..

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