Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mr Pink-Whistle

I found another Mr Pink-Whistle fan in Lyrical Lemongrass when she left a comment in my earlier post on imps! Imps away, I googled and found this in the Enid Blyton Society site:

I used to have all 3 books in these exact same covers so I was pretty excited to find them while googling! So who's Mr Pink-Whistle?

Mr Pink-Whistle's a dear half-brownie and half-person little man who loves nothing more than helping others in need. Best of all, he can turn himself invisible to allow him to nip around places bearing help and comfort to others. He lives with Sooty, his talking black cat who helps him carry out his noble deeds.

I remember one particular story where a poor widow had spent the entire day working and came home to wash and hem her childrens' clothes for a party. But when she took a much-needed nap, her washing line broke and all her childrens' clothes were soiled! Mr Pink-Whistle happened to be passing when he heard her crying and in true Pink-Whistle fashion, he bought them new clothes, a nice cake and tea for the widow. He left them on the table and watched, invisible, while his buttons almost popped at the pride and pleasure he felt at being able to help them!

What nice memories of an innocent childhood! Maybe what the world needs, today, is a few more Mr Pink-Whistles!


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Like Noddy, mr pink whistle prob was gay :P Pink geddit?! :P haha... I can't remember a thing about PW to be honest but those covers bring back memories

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I used to own hardcover books in the same design many many many years ago! :-) My fondness for Enid Blyton's books stemmed from the fact that dad used to reward me with books, rather than toys, when I was young. When I pierced my ears and cried, dad bought me hundreds of ringgit worth of books to make me feel better. When I did well in school, more books came! So I ended up living in my make-believe world of The Enchanted Forest with elves and gnomes in my bedroom. Mr Pink Whistle, the Wishing Chair, the Five Find-Outers and the Naughtiest Girl in School all lived close, next to my bed. :-)

Pink Elle said...

Paris - LOL! I didn't see the pink connection! :p Hey, at least he doesn't share a bed with a gnome like what Noddy does!

LL - Same here! :) Till today, as an adult, I'm amazed at how evergreen Enid Blyton's books are. Quite sad to see that they're being taken over by "darker" stuff like Harry Potter nowadays.

sooyin said... just reminded me of all the Enid Blyton books I used to read! Like LL, I was loved the Five Find-Outers, the Naughtiest Girl in School and the other one...I can't remember the title but it's the one set in a circus...:)

I was in MPH some time back searching for a gift for a young girl, and I had in mind a set of Enid Blyton books...but to my dismay, I couldn't find any of the above! I hope they haven't stopped printing them!