Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Up For Sale

Our house and home for the past 7 years is finally up for sale. We spent a hard day yesterday cleaning it out of all the bits and bobs. It's amazing how much junk a family can accumulate in every corner of the house! Bits of paper, ribbons and stuff that we always kept thinking we'll re-use them again some day were unceremoniously throw out with bags and bags of rubbish.

It feels sad saying goodbye to a home that has seen us through all our ups and downs of the past 7 years. We've grown in our careers, accomplished lifetime goals, seen through adversity and most importantly bonded closer as a family in this home. Well, they say the only constant in life is change and there will always be better things for us to look forward to ahead.

We all just pray that our home will go for a good price to a family who'll have just as many happy memories in it as we did.

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