Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Own Mr Pink-Whistle

I blogged about Mr Pink-Whistle recently and who would have ever thought I'll encounter my very own?!

It has been a rough week of fighting all kinds of imps ands a sudden influx of additional work outside my league. So it was wonderful to head out to dinner on Friday night to unwind a little. Being a little adventurous, we headed out to a new area for dinner. It was a whole long row of open-air stalls with wonderful smells and very affordable food!

After dinner, I headed back to the office to collect some files I left behind and coming back to our unit 2 hours later, I freaked out when I found that my pass wasn't with me! Panicking, I turned my car and handbag upside-down hunting for it but it was nowhere to be found. Taking a stab at luck, I decided to head back to our dinner venue to see if the stallowners had found it. I wasn't hoping for much as at least 3 hours had lapsed since I lost it.

They said they didn't see it but the lady took my number and promised to call me if she found anything. Without having much hope, I turned back to our unit with the painful thought of having to shell out some more money for a new pass. Just then, a small miracle happened! She called and told me that she had found it!

Upon collecting it from her, she told me that she had actually rummaged in her garbage bin to look for my pass and later found it lying on the road by the side of the road! I didn't use to believe in miracles but this little incident just restored my faith in people!

So, yes...there are Mr Pink-Whistles out there! :) Just pray they're there when we need them most!


boo_licious said...

I'm glad there are Mr. Pink Whistles around. What will life be without them?

L B said...

Happy for you too!! *grin* There are good people out there, despite everything, hor?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

It's great that there are such wonderful people around! Kinda reinforces one's faith in mankind.

Pink Elle said...

Boo - Hope you'll have your own Mr Pink-Whistle whenever you need one!

LB - It's nice indeed to know the world isn't that bad a place! There'll always nice people out there like us bloggers :D

LL - Now if only we met these nice people more often than imps!

Paris said...

Woot! Ms Pink Whistle leh... not bad not bad

Pink Elle said...

Yeah lucky for Ms Pink-Whistle otherwise I'll be in hot soup for losing it! :p