Sunday, April 01, 2007

Soup's On!

Every now and then, sibs and I get a craving for home-cooked soup. We don't often have time to boil soups on weekdays so when the soup craving hits, we head for Pudu! This soup stall is opposite what-used-to-be Shaw Parade in Pudu and is now the Eu Yan Sang centre.

This soup stall is hugely popular and they have stacks and stacks of steamers full of soup bowls, ready to be served. In fact, they're so famous amongst the locals that their popular soups like water cress or lotus root sell out very fast.

Just part of the steamers of soup! There's more being washed

Service is superbly fast and the minute you sit down, a server will come over and rattle off all the soups available. It's helpful if you understand Cantonese otherwise you'll be terribly lost like me! They have even exotic soups like squirrel, turtle, etc which I don't have the guts to try!

I love this little bowl of chillies available at every table which is perfect for chilli-lovers like me! All the chilli you can eat! :)

There are also side dishes from ginger chicken to wild boar curry with lots of yummy gravy to drown your hot steaming rice in!

Chicken feet braised with mushrooms. The mushrooms were really big and fat and soaked up the gravy nicely so it was very flavourful.

Ginger chicken with bits of crunchy fungus

Lotus root soup. It's quite a big bowl, enough for sis and I to share. Filled with lotus root slices, a big piece of chicken, red dates and dried squid, the soup is really fragrant and very sweet without the chemical MSG taste.

Pig's brain soup. This was had by our more adventurous dinner companion. I didn't have the guts to try it...I don't "do" weird soups!

Dinner came up to RM21 for 3 of us (1 big bowl and 1 small bowl of rice) which was pretty decent. So next time your soup craving hits, head over to Pudu!


Precious Pea said...

I also crave for soup from time to time, but no time to cook during weekdays. The lotus soup looks good. Ermm...pig's brain soup?? Hehehe..wonder how it taste like.

Pink Elle said...

Precious Pea - try cooking soup in a slow cooker and you probably can have home-made soup too! :)

I didn't dare try the pig's brain one but apparently it has the same taste and texture of tofu!