Friday, April 06, 2007

Kamikaze Bugs

My office room's recently been plagued by this slew of little bugs or as my expatriate colleague charmingly puts it - little animals. They're tiny, they're toony and they're a little loony...heh...well, they're indeed tiny but damn irritating!

They fly around my line of vision at lightning speed, darting away before you can smack them. Then they fly around my computer screen, irritating me to no end. The worst is when I leave my drink unattended for a while. When I next pick up my cup, I'll see a tiny bug curiously peeping over the rim, surveying its contents. And sometimes, I get kamikaze bugs, dive-bombing themselves into my cup! It irritates me to no end and the pest control people who come around every month can't seem to do anything either!

They seem to have invaded my home as well! Recently, we forgot to take the garbage out for a couple of days and when we opened the bin, a cloud of these little animals flew out! I believe they're fruit flies who apparently live for only a day or two. No wonder they try to make the most of their short little lives by bugging their giant human hosts!


L B said...

Sounds like a Looney Tunes short!! Poor you! Hope you'll have some peace soon..

Pink Elle said...

Hehe..thanks LB. At least you don't have these to worry about in nice Italy :)

L B said...

No, but I still have to deal with that single fly buzzing about. Each time I manage to swat it, another takes over a few days later!! Thankfully, only in the summer months!

Orbiter said...

As any entomologist will tell you, "Don´t harm the bugs!" It´s a bug´s life!

Pink Elle said...

LB - I used to have to deal with flies in Oz too! They say the standard Ozzie greeting is waving your hand in front of your face (to swat the pesky little critters away!) Escape from the flies - come home to sunny Msia in summer and just deal with the mozzies :p

Orbiter - Kill em, kill em! :p