Monday, April 23, 2007

Perfect Pressie

Birthdays aren't much fun anymore when you grow older. Presents are harder to get and there seems to be fewer people in your life who mean enough to celebrate with. A big cream-covered cake and a silly hat is not quite enough anymore, neither is that big cuddly soft toy all wrapped up in a bow. I've been hunting around for agood gift for the music-loving bf and my "excellent" internet research skills unveilled a perfect pressie - Concert Tickets!

Discounts are always great when you're perpetually on a budget, like me, so an opportunity to buy tickets to sold-out concerts at fantastic prices isn't something I'll pass up! It's got tickets to all the great concerts by all the new and old performers ranging from pop rock, jazz, blues, name it and they have them all!

But shh...I'm trying to keep it a secret till his birthday although I'm bursting with excitement!

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