Thursday, April 12, 2007

Off to Find a Kahuna

My little cousin made me watch Lilo & Stitch recently for the hundredth time. This time, instead of watching the little blue alien, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful Hawaii looked even in a cartoon. Surfing online, I found it to be an amazing island filled with beautiful beaches, huge surfs, a melting pot of culture, great food and gorgeous kahunas or surfer dudes! ;)

And to make it even more tempting, I found that Hawaiian Beach Rentals handpicks first class service environmentally friendly resorts in Kauai and Hawaii! I was very pleased to know they were encouraging ecotourism as too many resorts today spoil the beauty of the beaches and islands they are built on. This way, the damage to Kauai and Hawaii will be greatly reduced and we can continue to enjoy the beauty for many more years to come!

So who's coming with me? I'm off to find myself a kahuna!

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