Friday, April 13, 2007

Onions make me cry

So it's tough to peel off the layers! But since Soo Yin's always so sweet about doing my tags, here it goes, just the thing to relax a bit with after a rough week!

Part 1: on the outside
Name : I'll answer to Pink Elle! Pink because I like pink and glitter and Elle because I can be a little like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde - fluffy, peeenk with "blonde" moments!
Date of birth : 28 September
Current status : Unmarried
Eye color : Dark Brown
Hair color : Dark brown with hint of leftover highlights
Right or left handed : Righty
Zodiac : The wonky scales - Libra

Part 2: on the inside
My heritage : 100% Hokkien girl who speaks it with a funny accent
My fear : Losing the ones I love
My weakness : Not knowing what I want (blame it on the scales)
My perfect pizza : Thin crust, the thinner the better

Part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow
Your first thought waking up : I wish it was Saturday
Tomorrow : is Saturday! Yippee!
Your bedtime : 12-ish
Most missed memory : My childhood and Uni years

Part 4: your pick
Pepsi or coke : Don't really drink soft drinks but Vanilla Coke's nice :)
McD or burger king : Burger King. Their burgers feel less commercialised
Single or group dates : Single. I'm an introvert.
Adidas or Nike : Nike..I'm fluffy, I subscribe to the Nike good commercials :p
Lipton tea or nestea : Neither
Chocolate or vanila : Depends
Cappuccino or coffee : Don't drink either

Part 5: do you..
Smoke : Hate it
Curse : Can't bring myself to say the f-word but manage its variations :D

Part 6: in the past month
Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall? : Work too close to one
Been on stage : Nope, introvert remember?!
Eaten sushi : Yep

Part 7: what were you doing
1 minute ago : Changing the colour of those damn headers :p
1 hour ago : Scrambling like a stressed mad monkey
4 1/2 hours ago : Working through lunch (no lunch!!)
1 month ago : Laughing at this little man
1 year ago : Can't remember so far back :p

Part 8: finish the sentence
I love : Travels and holidays...bring them on!
I feel : The stress slowly seeping out of my bones
I hate : Small-hearted hypocritical imps
I hide : My feelings not very well
I miss : The time when people around me were nicer and less complicated
I need : A maid to clean and iron. Oh and a massage!

Part 9: tag five people
Hmm..this is the hard part. Dunno how many of you have done but hopefully not yet!

Ms Fair Face
Erm..anyone else?

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