Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dad Cooks Dinner

One of the best things about having your parents around is coming home, tired and starving, to a hot and delicious home-cooked dinner. I battled heavy traffic and wet roads yesterday and opened the door to be welcomed by the heavenly smell of sambal. Hurrah! Dad cooked dinner again!

And cook he did! We went marketing during the weekend and bought some prawns and squid. Guess who was bent over the sink cleaning them?! Needless to say my hands stank! How can something that smells so bad raw taste so good when cooked?! Dad cooked sambal prawns and squid! It was full of onions and tasted really delicious with hot, steaming rice. I'll have to learn this!

We had the sambal with one of my favourite vegetables - bitter gourd. Research has recently shown that bitter gourd has lots of medicinal properties. Dad just sauted it till it's soft with some garlic. My late grandma used to cook a mean bitter gourd dish by throwing in an egg just before it cooked to make a nice eggy gravy.

We topped it all off with a fried fish each. This was kerisi or Japanese threadfin bream which is really yummy deep-fried. Just lightly season with some salt and you're good to go! One of my favourites!

A healthy home-cooked dinners like this always makes my night!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Homecooked meals are always wonderful to have. It's great that your dad cooks for the a huge outpouring of love. :-) Okay, I'm going to cry now.....tissue please!

Precious Pea said...

So envy!! How i wish I also get to be welcomed with sambal smell when i walk into the house after a day at work.

blissful.delirium said...

Woman! You just made me want to pick up the phone and call my mom to cook!

Paris said...

WAh jeles :P

Ms Fair Face said...

hey u have me salivating! I love the prawns dish but too bad have to stay away for the meantime.

Pink Elle said...

Aww, Lemongrass! *hands you a tissue* Actually my dad's quite the cook, ever since we were young! His speciality is Indian :)

Pea, train your hubby to cook la ;)

Angie - Hehe...:) Homecooked food still the best la!

Paris - Ask you to come eat you didn't want :p

Ms Fair Face - Sorry! :p Once you're better, tuck into a big plate of sambal prawns to compensate! :)