Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Arm's Alive!

Recently, my right arm's been feeling funny. There's this perpetual ticklish and thingling feeling in it that makes me want to stretch it to the max or to reach out and smack someone! :p It feels a little like pins and needles or something that needs a good, long stretch but yet stretching it doesn't help at all! And it gets worse when I'm in certain yoga positions that require me to be curled up.

I've never gotten this feeling before and I don't know why it's only in my right arm. It's been feeling really weird and it's especially bad when I'm at work typing away. It feels like it's raring to go! Maybe it might be useful for people I don't like :p

Help! What should I do?!


blissful.delirium said...

Hmmm... could it be some muscle cramps? Good to check with doctor though if the problem persists :)

Paris said...

bit too old to have growing pains right? :P Ya i sometimes have it in my legs where i wanna kick someome. i think there's a term for this but so long as it doesn't persist should be ok

Dancing Queen said...

hmm... maybe it's carpal tunnel syndrome, esp if you spend a lot of time on the keyboard. :-)

Pink Elle said...

Angie - Not sure, going to get it checked out this weekend! :)

Paris - Yeah too old to have growing painds! Been persisting for 2 weeks di so am off to see the doc!

Dancing Queen - Welcome! :) A friend who recently had carpal tunnel syndrome told me the symptoms sounded similar :O *freaks out*