Friday, April 20, 2007

Take a Picture *click*

I just spent the whole weekend cataloging and organizing all my photos! What an exhausting process! Thank goodness for digital cameras nowadays. I can now take many pictures without worrying about how I look in them and organise my pictures in my computer by folders instead of all the old-fashioned way of developing and organising them into albums.

Recently, while wondering how to display some of my digital photos, I was recommended a new way of displaying photos by a friend who has tried using LCD digital frames. Paying her home a visit, I found it a really novel idea using a digital picture frame to display my digital photos. It allows us to display our digital photos without having to develop them and even allows the pictures to scroll to display different ones at different times! How exciting to have a constantly changing digital photo frame!

Guess my next weekend will be spent sorting out my digital photos to frame up next!

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