Sunday, April 15, 2007

Boot Camp

I conveniently took a week off my usual yoga lesson and almost died during class today. Couldn't hold my poses and was falling all over the place! The instructor said it was as if I was back to square one! Eeps..2 months of lessons gone down the drain just like that!

I'm horrendously unfit and despite trying to fool myself into thinking that yoga once a week constitutes some form of exercise, I think a sloth runs marathons compared to me! Sigh, why can't exercise mean my fingers flying over the keyboard at work or me walking around in the mall during lunch?!

With less than 2 weeks to go before I head for a sunny beach where some wear less than bikinis, it's Boot Camp, baby! What minimal exercises do you recommend? Preferably those that don't involve me getting on a treadmill :p


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

What?!? You mean walking around the mall at lunch time ain't exercising???

blissful.delirium said...

Haha, unfortunately treadmill is your best option. Running is the proven to be the best cardio so far!

Eh, I have a feeling you work near One Utama. Am I right?!!

L B said...

Less than 2 weeks?!! So fast! How? Ok, no tiramisu for you!! LOL... well, I suppose you can have a bite. It's just too sinful to let that go to waste!

may said...

yoga does wonders, doesn't it? I'm much worse than you, it's been a year since my last yoga class and I think I'm all stiff again now, LOL! good luck with your Boot Camp!

Pink Elle said...

Lemongrass - Erm it does't count as exercise when you stop to eat snacks or samples along the way :p

Angie - Hehe...guess again ;) As for the treadmill, I wasn't born with the ability to run :p

LB - Ya, 2 weeks only! Die die..looking at your fantastic tiramisu will make me put on about 10 more pounds :p

Welcome May :) Thanks for dropping by! I used to find it really easy to get fit in Oz when I was there. Probably cos I walked everywhere and they're just such fit people, it's hard not to join in!

Paris said...

HOR! Yesterday you ate crabs some more! :O

Pink Elle said...

Ya die di :p *pokes at tum and religiously does yoga tonight*