Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All My Bags are Packed!

The great deals on Disney World tickets jolted the travel bug in me wide-awake. It's time to plan another vacation!

I'm a real wanderlust. I often try to go for at least a big holiday once a year, with some small ones in between, depending on what good deals I can get. However, the problem I tend to find with holidaying in Europe, Australia or US are the cost of the hotels. In Asia, I get to enjoy fantastic 4-5 star rooms for a price which will get me a tiny pokey hotel room in any of the Western countries.

So while researching Disney World, it was nice to stumble across some Orlando hotels offering great deals and discounts on their hotel rooms and vacation homes! Staying within Orlando would help me save heaps on travel to the theme parks (52 in that area!) and beaches and golf courses which are only 40 minutes away! They not only offer great deals on accommodation but car rental, vacation packages and theme park tickets too!

Time to pack our bags...we're off to Disney World! :)

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Orbiter said...

Don´t forget to catch Disney World´s "It´s a Bug´s Life." Besides Flick, you even get to meet the evil grasshopper!