Friday, April 20, 2007

Salmon Steak Cafe

We paid a visit to SS15's Studentville recently. It's been at least a good 10 years since I've last stepped into that place and although icons like Lim Mee Yoke have sadly closed down due to what I suspect was competition from Asia Cafe, it was still interesting to see the little Tuna Twist cafe opposite Taylor's College going strong!

Wondering what to eat, we came across Salmon Steak Cafe and decided to give it a chance. I've passed it at night before and it's usually packed at night with students dining under the stars in its outdoor annexe. But in the daytime, they operate from their little no-frills shop. Inside reminds me of tiny Chinese restaurants I used to frequent overseas, packed wall to wall with studends and offering really cheap food. They had a list of dishes for RM5.00 including a drink of ice lemon tea which we ordered from.

I had the fried rice with fish fillet and was pleasantly surprised to see the size of the fish! The fish was what the local supermarkets sell as dory and it came wrapped in an omelette together with an eggy fried rice which was surprisingly tasty. That black splotch was a black pepper sauce which actually tasted much better than it looked and went well with the rice.

Bro had the beef fillet with the same eggy fried rice. The good-sized fillet came smothered in the same black pepper sauce and was quite tender and nice.

It's rather no-frills (look at their plates!) but for the price and portion size, who can complain?! It's RM5 deals are even available on weekends which makes it a very popular place especially with students. It is worth a try if you don't mind simple no-frills food and hanging out in StudentVille and feeling a little old amongst the 18 year olds!


Ms Fair Face said...

looks yummy! do you need to flash any student card to get them at such good prices?

L B said...

I miss LIM MEE YOKE too, especially for the chap fan! But I suppose Asia Café is more fun now.. Hmm, Salmon Steak Cafe, eh?... I like the sound of the fish wrapped in egg..

Pink Elle said...

Ms Fair Face - No, the amazing thing was that the price was applicable for anyone who walked in, student or not!

So sad hor, LB?! Icon of SS15 gone! The fish wrapped in egg was really yum! I tried cooking it myself back home and it was a great success :D Didn't take pictures though so can't blog about it. Maybe next time.