Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Craving For...

Fried ice-cream! I first tried this wonderful dessert when I was a student in Melbourne. A good friend brought me to Chinatown and promised me the most delicious dessert ever! After a huge fried chicken rice meal (I miss the portion sizes there!) the waiter brought these two little round brown gems. Tasting it for the first time, I never knew what ecstacies I've missed! It's crispy hot from the fryer on the outside and cold creamy on the inside! I don't know what batter they used but it leaves a delicious buttery taste in your mouth which is simply divine with the cold ice-cream!

I thought that first encounter would be my last as I didn't know where they sold it here. I've recently, though, caught tantalising glimpses of it at the SS2 pasar malam though I never tried it. Sometime back, we decided to give a small neighbourhood Hong Kong eatery, Star Hong Kong Cafe, in USJ 9 a try and lo and behold! On their menu was the exact same fried ice-cream! It was like a reunion with a loved one and it was just as heavenly as I remembered it!

Do give it a try if you come across this elusive gem! :)


L B said...

OMG, I didn't have this on my LIST!!!!!

Precious Pea said... also grad from Melb? Which uni??

Ms Fair Face said...

the fried ice-cream looks yummy! i thought it was a pie or something initially! And oh, there are some 'wordings' on the sides of it as well. some trademark? :P

Pink Elle said...

LB - Quick quick add to your ever-growing list! At this rate you'll have to spend almost all your waking hours in Msia eating :p

Pea - Yes I did! From Melb Uni! You?!

Ms FairFace - Welcome :) It's really good! Yeah I didn't notice the words till later...think it says Jumbo Cream! Heh..not sure what that means!

blissful.delirium said...

Ermmm, I is very shy to say that in all my 26 yrs of existence I haven't tried fried ice cream. So deprieved :(

Since we're in the fried stuff topic, have you encounter Fried Durians before? If yes, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! There's fried cempedak but haven't seen durians done this way. I absolutely love durians :D

(wonders how would Durian Chocolates taste like... hmm)

Pink Elle said...

Hey, durian lover! Go try fried ice cream! It comes in durian flavours sometimes too if you're lucky :) Erm..fried durian?! Never heard before but I know some places do durian puffs and durians encased in fried pastry.

Durian chocolates?! I think I've seen them before somewhere! They prob smell like dodol :p