Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Holiday!

Nothing brightens up a working week better than a holiday smack in the middle of it! My company very generously gave us today off to watch the installation of our new King. My expat colleague said we were smart to keep our king and not be like the French who cut off their heads so now they're sans 1 holiday! Heh!

Nevertheless, it's still going to be a busy day for me as I haven't packed nor changed my money! I don't think I've been so ill-prepared for a holiday before but well, come what may! As long as I have money in my wallet and a passport in my hand, things can't really go that badly!

Take care, I'll miss you all and my little fluffy blog. Enjoy the floggers meet tomorrow and Happy Labour Day hols too! :)


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy Holidays! We'll miss you.

L B said...

Waaaaa, take me along with you.... I need to stare at some beautiful fish too..

Pink Elle said...

Lemongrass - Thanks :) Take care and enjoy your floggers meet tmw and the after-party!

*packs LB into suitcase* You can come as long as you won't make me overweight! :)

Ms Fair Face said...

Have a great holiday! Tell us where you go! :)

may said...

enjoy your hols and we see you back here soon, yea! hugs!

Pink Elle said...

Ms Fair Face - Thanks :) Will be back with an update!

May - *hugs* I'll be back real soon :)

eastcoastlife said...

pink elle,
I'm a link on the Technorati Fave Train too!
I fave you, so fave me, will you. Thanks. :)