Friday, April 13, 2007

Bollywood Parade

Are you a fan of Bollywood movies? I used to be sort of a fan, even though I didn't understand the language! The fighting, singing and dancing scenes used to keep me company on weekends while I was doing my never-ending ironing!

There are some good ones I enjoy, especially those with Shah Rukh Khan but after watching some, I came to the conclusion that there are some essentials that make a Bollywood film - there will always be a scene in a foreign country where they burst into song and dance and the locals don't bat an eyelid; they'll always dance and sing in show-capped mountains with the girl wearing nothing more than a skirt and bra while the guy's decked out in a 3-piece suit; they always have a little entourage that appear mysteriously when it's song and dance time; they all carry guns and have dramatic fights, one hero can take on 100 men with guns and knives and win and finally, the hero never loses his cool nor nice hairdo although he's been fighting for the girl!

Nevertheless, it was still nice to discover Bollywood DVDs on sale! At least it'll provide hours of cheap entertainment while I iron!

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