Friday, April 20, 2007

Boot Camp - An update

Date : T-7 to Phuket

Fitness level : Zilch

Toned body : Zilch

Exercise done : Nada

I'm in serious trouble! Am 7 days, an counting down, to Phuket and I've accomplished nothing since my last Boot Camp post! I had urges to come home and trash it out in the swimming pool but where the mind is willing, the body is weak! And instead of doing my gruelling 20 laps as I should, I came home instead to dinner and telly!

Worse, our yoga session got cancelled this week so whatever little exercise I get during the week dwindled to nothing! I find it hard actually to fit in exercise on a normal workday. By the time I get home by 8, exhausted, I'm ravenous and all I want is some dinner and a hot shower! As for waking up early to fit in some exercise, gym bunny days of waking up at 5.30am to make it to the gym by 6 are long over! Looks like I'd better roll out the yoga mat this weekend! *desperately does sun salutations*

Please be nice if you chance upon a little pale beached whale on the beach!

*Note to self: Next time choose a cold holiday destination. Everybody looks gorgeous in a coat!


blissful.delirium said...

Well I say you should just enjoy yourself counting down to the last remaining 7 days to Phuket! Toned or not, who cares... screw itttttt :P

Oh while you're there, please keep note for me of the places that are a shopping haven ya. Don't want fancy shopping malls, want flea markets and bazaars :D

Terima kasih!

L B said...

I could not help smiling as I read your post! So kancheong, yet terrified? I think you will enjoy yourself thoroughly - Think of all those fancy lobsters, and grilled tiger prawns, and yummy scallops!! Don't go against the wind. Bend with it! *smile*

Pink Elle said...

Angie - I know some shopping areas there already but they tend to carry the same stuff, ie beach stuff, bikinis, fake roxy and billabong shorts! What are you looking for?

*Hugs LB* Am bending with the wind! I'll eat a grilled prawn for you! :)