Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dead Pixels Begone!

When we moved, we finally moved with the times and got ourselves a funky new LCD TV. It was a huge upgrade from our pokey little TV that we used to have to toggle the antenna on to get a decent reception! Unfortunately, its quality wasn't up to our expectations and we were starting to wonder if purchasing a large-screen TV was a good investment until the technician we called in recommended PixelProtector.

It's a simple DVD that'll give you optimal images from your LCD, Plasma, DLP or Projection TVs. It removes screen burn, which is caused by a specific image showing for too long in the same place, while recalibrating the pixels in your TV to sharpen your TV image. It really enhanced our picture quality and we've never regretted getting it. Best of all, it was very easy to use so even a small pink fluffy tech idiot like me could use it with great ease.

Recently, I was caught in a horrific jam on Jalan Bukit Bintang where there are several LCD screens displaying advertisements. Watching it, I noticed several dead pixels on their advertisements. Maybe they should start using PixelProtector too!

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