Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Indian Delights

I was tortured yesterday by Lemongrass' delicious Indian lunch that left me with a terrible urge for banana leaf! You see, no one ever wants to take me for banana leaf lunches as they claim I'll be a waste of money since banana leaf rice comes with unlimited helpings of rice and vege! I've been lucky to grow up with a dad who absolutely loves Indian food so after looking at all of Lemongrass' drool-inducing pictures, it was really nice to come home to find that dad had bought Indian food for dinner!

We really like this stall's fried chicken but yesterday, there was only 1 left so dad bought a piece of fish to supplement it. The fried chicken was a bit hard as it was already quite late but it's really delicious when eaten there and a steal at RM2 for a drumstick!

So since they were out of fried chicken, we had this little fried chicken pieces too. I'm not sure what they're called but they looked like they were marinated in tandoori mix before frying as they had that distinctive red hue. I found bits of curry leaf in it too. This is seriously addictive stuff! The chicken are in delicious little bite-sized pieces that's nicely flavoured and dry.

A nice bowl of mutton curry rounded it off. It was a pretty big portion but went down well since it's a firm favourite! This was well-cooked, one of the better mutton curries I've had. The meat was well-cooked and filled with flavour, it didn't take jaws of steel to eat them!

And to combat the heatiness of the meats and soothe our guilty conscience, a big plate of stir-fried vegetables with fresh shitake mushrooms.

Really good but filling! Not the best thing to have before a couch potato night with Desperate Housewives! :p


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hi! I'm glad you got to eat indian food after all. The itty bits of fried chicken look good. Mutton - yeah, I hate it when i have to chew 20 times before swallowing too, so it's always nice to get tender bits.
Hey, I lurve Desperate Housewives too. ;-)

blissful.delirium said...

OMG, I love banana leaf lunches (or brunch) too! The pics look mighty tempting and you know what I must have each time I have the banana leaf rice? Deep-fried sliced bittergourd. "Ah-Neh, kasi lebih peria goreng!" :D

Me too, Tuesday 10.30pm I am glued to the tv for my weekly DH fix :D

Eeeee, the paedophile IS a paedophile after all! And for a moment I was actually like Lynette, doubting a bit. Gah! And there was Hot Daddy yesterday! So hot.

Pink Elle said...

LL - Hello! Your post had me really craving for banana leaf so Indian food sans banana leaf really hit the spot :) And..another thing in common! ;)

Angie - Banana leaf for lunch a bit much! It'll leave me sleeping through work :p No one wants to take me for banana leaf *wails* Not my fault if I can't eat a lot right?!

And yeah, that last scene with that guy was so creepy. Like you, I was actually thinking Lynette got it all wrong!