Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a Woman...

Hear me RAWR!

Monday didn't start too well. Couldn't find my parking pass, turned the whole house upside down looking for it and got scolded terribly by dad for being forgetful. I swear my brain has deteriorated drastically! I'm becoming such a scatter brained bird.

Anyway, it being a dreary Monday, I dolled up nicely this morning to cheer myself up a little. Wore my nice flair black skirt and my nice little pink jacket, both of which I've never worn before! Spent some time doing up my face which I've neglected for a while and put on my squeeky shoes (heh..haven't gotten round to finding a pair I like yet!)

Came into the office and my colleague beamed and said, "You're looking VERY elegant today!" Woot! :)

I love compliments and this unexpected one definitely made the day a little brighter! *grin* Sue me, but I'm a woman! We were made to be complimented!


Paris said...

bwahaha.... so you claimed back the parking not?

Pink Elle said...

Yeah got a new parking pass :) Woot!

blissful.delirium said...

Happy Woman, you're just 2 weeks away to Phuket.


Pink Elle said...

Angie - I'll bring back lots of tips for you ;) Then I'll be jealous when you head there!