Monday, April 23, 2007

Online Shopping

I was recently recommended this book called The Secret by a friend. Apparently it's quite a life-changing book so being the book-lover I am, I set out to get it only to find that it can't be found here! Sigh...I hate how books are banned here sometimes for what seems to be absolutely no reason!

Luckily a friend was overseas for travel and so a quick text message solved the book availability problem! He later told me that his colleagues in Australia had absolutely no clue where to get the book from except from online merchants! Such is the power of ecommerce software! Since he was already where online shopping is readily accessible, I got him to load up the online shopping cart with all the great deals they offered! I love their shopping cart software! It gave lots of flexibility to change the purchases and best of all, allowed me to get what I can't get here at great discounts!

Sigh, seeing all the Ozzie stuff makes me miss my student days in Australia!

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