Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Russian Roulette

Welcome to the Glass Menagerie at Pantai Seafood! *cues flashing lights and music* Where we play Russian Roulette every night! Presenting the players...

So who's the "lucky" player tonight?

Will it be Turbot at RM278/kg?

Turbot: Don't bug us! At RM278/kg, we're trying to procreate more good investments!

How aboooouuuttt Scotland Clams at RM118/kg?

Scotland Clams: Bleahhh *sticks out tongue*

Maybe it's haruan at RM40/kg?

Haruan: *sinisterly slinks by*

Oysters at a cheap RM7?

Oysters: Oy! What're ya looking at?! Stop crowding us!

Lobsters at RM233/kg, perhaps?

Lobsters: What're oysters complaining about?! We're triple their value and still crowded!

Might be Snow White at RM183/kg?

Snow Crabs: Who's the fairest of them all?

Possibly even the King at RM288/kg!

King Crabs: Shh..maybe if we crouch real low they won't see us!

Or our last player - Mexican Geoduck at RM152/kg?!

Geoducks: Why do they call us obscene-looking?!

Disclaimer: No marine life was harmed in this round of Russian Roulette. Their stakes were much too high!


Paris Beaverbanks said...

mwahahaha at the Turbots. Got porn some more! :P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

lol. Looks like Pantai seafood has both good food and good entertainment. How to resist huh?

Precious Pea said...

Aiyooo....geoduck! Crabs! Bamboo Clams...pink elle, why so cruel to me??????

Pink Elle said...

Paris - Maybe this one shouuld be X-rated :p Hehe...food porn ma

LL - Yeah, go try it out soon! I found it a bit macabre though. Everyone stands in front of the glass tanks and pick their choice. Tough luck if you're one of those marine creatures, if not today, tomorrow might be your "lucky" day!

Pea - Not cruel! Tempt your hubby with this la and you might find yourself eating at Pantai this weekend! ;)

Tummythoz said...

Now I feel pity for them. How to eat seafood now? *scroll previous post* Ok. The feeling drifted off.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sayang, I was there last month. :-P Check out my blog: http://awhiffoflemongrass.blogspot.com/2007/03/pantai-seafood-kg-sg-kayu-ara.html

You're right, it is macabre. Poor guys.

Pink Elle said...

Tummy - Don't look at them...just close your eyes and eat and all guilt forgotten :p

LL - Aiyoh *hides in embarrassment* Sorry! Sorry! Luckily I didn't comment on it :p

miriboy said...

Would have recommended the deep fried sotong covered in salted egg batter but the crab was already coated in salted egg. Nvm... can save it for next time.

L B said...

LOL!! What a funny post!!! Got to look at the bright side.. Poor things. We're so nasty! And hungry!!

Pink Elle said...

Miriboy - Save for another time. Too much salted egg can't be good! Maybe should try the butter crabs next?

LB - :) Maybe you should add Pantai to your list if it isn't already there!