Monday, April 09, 2007

How to take a train...

In Boleh-land during rush hour.

  • First get to the station and hope very hard that you haven't missed the nearest train. Otherwise the arrival of the next train will probably be anyone's guess.
  • Hope very hard you've picked a vantage point and the doors will open right in front of you. According to Murphy's Law, it will not.
  • Do not queue. Nobody does. Shove your way to the door and ignore the poor passengers who are struggling to get out.
  • Once in, scramble wildly for seats which again according to Murphy's Law, there will not be any available.
  • Grab on to something when the train starts to move but the tightly packed bodies should keep you upright anyway.
  • If you're a lady, hope that you're not near a lecherous man who gets a thrill of having some form of bodily contact with you.
  • Hope the people around you have showered or at least used some perfume.
  • Hope no one around you decides to release some foul-smelling bodily odours!
  • Hope again that the train does not shudder to a stop in between stations due to congestion of the train lines.
  • Finally, do enjoy your train ride :)


L B said...

Ah, and hope there's no pickpocket around too..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

so funny, but so true!!! lol. Thanks for the laugh. :-)

Paris said...

mwahaha.... thankfully the days of train taking for me are past *falls on knees and thanks the almighty*

Tummythoz said...

Heels and bags with big buckles can prove useful in dealing with personal space invaders. *evil glint in eyes*

boo_licious said...

LOL, great observations as they're all true.

Trying to contact you, can you email me at Thanks.

Pink Elle said...

LB - You're always first to comment! But yeah, pickpockets are a big no-no! Especially those little gypsy children in Italy!

LL - You're welcome :) Even a beancounter needs a laugh every now and then ;)

Paris - That's progress! :D

Tummythoz - Very true ;) Not forgetting umbrellas too! There was this Indon man with a big tummy who kept bumping a young girl with his tummy everytime the train moved. I would have jabbed him...very hard!

Boo - Dropped you a mail :)