Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Healthy Breakfast

It was one of my New Year's resolutions to eat healthier this year. However, it didn't quite help when I discovered a stall at the food court selling the most delicious fried beehoon for breakfast. The Malays called it Singapore Beehoon and it's beehoon that's fried with fishcake, lots of veges and a very healthy dose of black pepper, giving it a spicy tang that's quite out of this world in the mornings!

After falling off the healthy wagon, I've decided to pick myself up again and give it another go at a healthy breakfast! So, 3 days a week when dear dad's here, we wake up to a bowl of hot, tummy-filling and cholestrol-lowering Quaker Oats. He mixes it with powdered milk before adding hot water so we get our calcium intake in one shot.

This was my bowl this morning. I usually add half a banana (the other half goes to my unwilling bro who apparently hates bananas in his oats!) and for an extra treat today, I topped it off with a handful of raisins to give it some sweetness as we don't add sugar to the oats.

Well, oats definitely last longer in my tum compared to anything else I eat for breakfast so it does help me curb mid-morning snacking and after a while, it doesn't taste that as cardboardy as I thought it would. I'll try a drizzle of honey and maybe some fresh fruit next for some variety. If nothing else, at least I feel psychologically a little healthier!


blissful.delirium said...

Yummmm! I love breakfasts!

My favorites:
1. Oats with whatever stuff I can find in the fridge. In your case, raisins & bananas do it well for me!

2. Cereal with milk! Love cereals by POST. Blueberry Morninggg :)

3. Once in awhile treat - roti telur :P

Good luck with your Get Healthy resolution Pinkelle! Jia yuu!

Pink Elle said...

Hehe thanks for the encouragement! :) I ate nasi goreng for lunch so fail already :p

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too and nothing beats a good fry-up or buffet breakfast every now and then! :)

Orbiter said...

Surgeon General´s Warning: Eating oats regularly can help lower your low density liposome (LDL) cholesterol level and reduce your chances of a heart attack too!

Pink Elle said...

Orbiter - About time you started eating oats too eh?!