Friday, April 20, 2007

Secret Poker

We had some free stays in Genting but couldn't make it due to that horrible 4-letter-word commitment - Work! I haven't been to Genting in many many years and was looking forward to checking out their theme park, enjoying whatever cool air is left and "donating" some moolah to Uncle Lim!

Since I was bitten by the poker bug, I thought of organising a home session ala Desperate Housewives and their poker session but the fear of getting caught and having my head shaved was just too scary! I'm not quite prepared to join the nunnery yet! So imagine my glee when I found out I can play poker online! And on my nifty little Mac too!

Mac Poker Online is just a poker game which makes it even better 'cos I don't need to "donate" money to anyone. It gives you links, reviews and ratings to lots of other nifty gambling sites which I had great fun trying out. Plus they even had a forum to chat with other poker-faced people too!

So no prizes for guessing what I'll be doing this weekend if you see me glued to my Mac! See you at Mac Poker Online!


L B said...

*perks up* Did you say Mac?!!

L B said...

oooo. poker for Macs!! LOL!@!!!!!

Pink Elle said...

Yes LB, poker for Macs, you Mac lover :)

Anonymous said...

This is a great read. There's also another site called iMac Online Poker that is actually owned by the same company.