Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nasi Goreng Kampong

After a busy morning, I was really hungry by lunch but didn't want to go down to the food court to pack lunch. A short minute or two in there leaves you coming out smelling like the food court itself! Luckily a colleague was going down so I got her to pack me some nasi goreng kampong which I've been craving for a while. So much for attempting to be healthy!

She came back with this. When I opened it, my heart sank. Firstly, I hate my food liberally sprinkled with tonnes of fried onions. I don't mind fried onions in small quantities for flavouring but I hate the sweetish commercial types which this was. The fried ikan bilis wasn't fresh and the rice was quite empty except for 2 tiny pieces of chicken that were so small, I mistook them for pieces of garlic at first!

Grrrr...don't you just hate it when your cravings aren't filled?! I sulkily attempted to eat about 1/3 of it before giving up. Not only was it oily, it didn't have any taste sans fried onions.

And that won't be the only reasons why I won't be buying anymore food from that stall. As I was uploading my photos, I discovered something I didn't see on the pack itself!

*pukes* I think, or rather hope, it dropped off after I took the photo and before I started eating! *shakes fist at stall owner*


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You poor thang. I know how awful you must have felt not getting what you wanted. Where's the chicken? And insects in ur container too?! Geez. Hope today's better. :-)

Paris said...

Good lordy! You must have mistaken it for fried onions! :O nvm extra protein :P

Pink Elle said...

Thanks Lyrical Lemongrass. It was a most miserable lunch. The chicken was so tiny it probably resembled a grain of rice. And speaking of insects, there was another time when I packed some vege and found a small green cooked worm inside *faints* Have boycotted that place since.

Paris - I don't think I ate it lah! I can't believe it ended up in the photo though! Didn't notice it until I was editing the pix! :O

Tummythoz said...

At least u dint taste it in your mouth. Ewwss.
A caterer mentioned to me before about how the commercially produced fried onions are kept crispy by adding some kind of preservative akin to plastic. How true, I wonder. Neverthless, I've been avoiding those since.

Precious Pea said...

Eee yucks!!!! Luckily you notice the unwanted guest...yucks. So much more gross than finding a hair in your food. YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS.

Pink Elle said...

Tummythoz - I heard the same too! Apparently those plastic stuff can actually cause cancer so I tried to eat as little of it as possible!

Pea - Yeah it was disgusting! I'm never buying from that place ever again! *shudder*

Orbiter said...

As any entomologist would tell you, "Even if it provides an additional source of protein, save the buggies!"

Would you be so kind as to let me know which stall this is and its whereabouts? I´d like to report them to the RSPCI.

Pink Elle said...

What's this with saving bugs?! Enough of em to go round without me saving some! Yeah should report them and please report its neighbouring stall that kindly served me a little green worm with my veges *puke* Luckily my sharp eyes spotted it!