Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Environment and Me

Did you watch the movie "The Inconvenient Truth"? It was a scary realisation seeing how we're hurting the environment we live in just to make more profits. Luckily, government regulations have made the big multinationals and companies put in the necessary processes for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

EDSG is a company which helps businesses meet their compliance through their EHS Compliance Software. They assist in analyzing the business’ requirements, identifying the gaps, designing a suitable Information System and also providing services in the EHS Software Implementation. Their compliance services include areas of risk management planning, air permitting, spill prevention planning, emergency response planning, chemical inventory management, audit program development and waste management.

The waste management services are done through their remediation services which provides speedier site cleanup of contaminants. Hopefully with technology advances and EHS Metrics Software, we can help to leave a cleaner and healthier environment for our next generation.

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