Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dreams Can Come True

I caught clips of Disney World's 15th birthday bash on telly last night. 15 grand years already and poor ol' me still hasn't even stepped a toe, what more a foot in the place where magic comes alive! Blame it on the terribly high cost of getting there, visa issues and the steep tickets.

Doing some research, I found that their tickets cost a whooping US$63 to US$229 for one-day to five-day passes! And that's not even including the food or Disney stuff I know I'll buy - Everyone needs a pair of Mickey Mouse ears! So I was pleased as punch when I found Discount Disney Tickets which promise the lowest prices and the best service for Disney World and all Orlando theme parks and attractions including Universal Studios! That has always been on my must-visit list! And best of all, for foodies like me, it offers great deals on themed dinner shows where I've heard both the food and entertainment is good!

Hurrah! Now, maybe my dreams can come true too!

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