Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free Flights...NOT!

500,000 free flights with Air Asia!

Yes, human memories are short and as Paris said, we had all forgotten the long and painful wait we endured in Bangkok. So, the travel agent of the family (aka me) was given the usual task of booking the flights *rolls eyes* My family doesn't think that I do much work!

It was supposed to go on sale at midnight last night so I got ready to stay up, harrassed everyone for their IC and passport details, wrote it all down and felt the kiasu adrenaline coursing through me. On a whim, I decided to double check my email and *pfffttttt* I deflated like a balloon. It was for the wrong travel period we were planning for! So had to tell everyone that sorry, no free tickets for Bangkok! *runs and hides in embarrassment* Luckily I'm not a proper travel agent! I don't think my customers will vote me best agent of the year!


L B said...

Awwww.... but your good intention was what counted! Especially that kiasu adrenaline!! LOL, can imagine the deflation. Awww.. wishes you a hug.. almost time to go to Phuket anyway..

Jemima said...

My apologies, my friend.
I didn't know that you have started blogging again.
Everytime I popped in, it was the last post of June 2006.
I honestly thought you had given up.

I really miss our gchats (though I must admit that I hardly signed in these days).

Keep in touch.
Take care & HUGS!

Paris said...

haiyo yalor... I had to scurry around looking for my passport and sms-ing on that cacat phone of mine :P but yay! No mini-bus style shoving to get on the plane! Can we just take a "normal" airline next time?

Ms Fair Face said...

i could never be in time for those free air tix no matter how hard i try! and i'm sure your folks will understand! :)

Pink Elle said...

Thanks LB! And thanks for the hug too! Phuket's too soon! Haven't had time to plan or change money yet! :O

Welcome back Jemima! :) Nice to see you again!

We can take Gulf Air, Paris! And their military style, "IT'S FISH OR FISH! DO YOU WANT TO EAT?!"

Ms Fair Face - Thanks for droppping by :) I think everyone was secretly relieved we'll be spared from the push-and-shove situation that always happens with budget airlines!