Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bid and Win

I'm a professional internet surfer, especially when I'm bored! And in my surfing, I often discover strange and new things to try or read up on. The plethora of information, games and shopping online out there is amazing! My aimless surfing last night turned up this new Sweepstake online auction bid.

Unlike Ebay where the highest bidder wins, this interesting game awards prizes based on the lowest bidder! There's tonnes of free gifts up for grabs including plasma TVs, designer handbags, and the last I checked, a brand new 2007 Scion! One of their offer is a cash prize which I'm sure would come in handy for many of us!

It's a text-based game which is extremely user friendly. Just become a member, check out the prize you're interested in and submit your bid via a text message and if your bid is the lowest when the auction ends, you'll be the lucky winner! Happy playing!

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