Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mushroom Bruschetta

We gave mom a break this weekend and cooked up dinner for a change. Bro prepared his mushroom bruschetta as appetiser - Best in USJ, Best in KL and some say Best in London! :)

As usual, we never have ingredients when we start cooking so off it was to Village Grocer in Bangsar V. If you've never been there before, do go in and take a stroll. It's got amazingly fresh veges and herbs from all over the world and gorgeous salad mixes, right down to edible flowers!

A quick nip down to the herb garden didn't turn up any basil so the chef picked up some rosemary instead which he chopped up finely to add into his mushrooms. Saute the sliced mushrooms with garlic and a dash of good ol' salt and pepper, spoon it up on crusty slices of baguette and you have a delicious appetiser that'll leave you wanting for more!

Note: You can lightly toast the baguette slices before spooning on the mixture to give it an extra crunch. We didn't want to fire up the oven for a few slices but if you use fresh bread like how we did, it's really good untoasted too!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Best in USJ, KL and London ar? When do I get to try? :-)

Precious Pea said...

Lemongrass.....Pink Elle's place, where else??

Haha..your mum must be so proud :)

Pink Elle said...

Lemongrass - Hehe..I gotta learn the recipe from my bro first :) Who knows, maybe the next time we hold a floggers potluck! ;)

Precious Pea - Yes, she really enjoyed the break off cooking! I can't really cook though so my contribution was just some salad! :p