Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unique Advertising

I often pass a small market on my way out to work. It's nothing grand...just a few vans or stalls lined up against the road that services the local community. I often just spare it a cursory glance on my way to work but this morning something caught my eye while I was stuck at the traffic light.

A little van was parked outside the 7-11 selling all kinds of paper offerings for the coming Ching Ming (Chinese grave-sweeping Day) festival. Loud catchy Chinese music was blasting from the van but the funniest sight was the owner of the "stall" - a little fat balding man. He was dancing energetically to the catchy music, swaying his hips and waving his hands to the beat! And as I watched him, he grabbed some paper ties in his hand and was waving them around his head as he jived and bopped. I couldn't help laughing at him and his jovial expression as he waved to the amused market customers.

Call it a unique form of advertising but he sure made my morning!


ParisB said...

Wooh so funny! Must have been a sight in the morning hehe...

Pink Elle said...

Yeah it was hilarious! Real cute fat man! Livened up the traffic crawl a bit..