Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Midvalley's Rates Up!

Good things don't last forever. This is especially so in the case of Midvalley's parking! I remember when Midvalley was newly opened and their parking was free while they were testing out their system. I used to make several trips there on my way back just to enjoy the new mall while sitting out the traffic jams.

Their parking rate of RM1 per entry was still pretty tolerable even when they raised their weekend per entry rate to RM3. Every weekend would see a massive traffic jam just trying to get in and out of the mall, not to mention hours circling for parking which caused me to avoid it on weekends after a while.

Recently, I saw notices up informing that their parking rates are now going up! Here are their charges:

  • 1st hour - RM1
  • Every subsequent hour or part thereof - RM1
  • Maximum - RM7


  • 1st hour - RM3
  • Every subsequent hour or part thereof - RM1
  • Maximum - RM9

So there you less benefit in coming to Midvalley!


pablopabla said...

Wah! That's gonna be expensive! Take the KTM instead :)

Pink Elle said...

It is getting expensive! If you take the KTM, depending on where you're coming from, you may need to change trains at Sentral. Only the train heading towards Seremban stops at the Midvalley stop. The new rates will be effective March 26th!

Btw, thanks for dropping by, Pablo!