Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Home Brand Evening Gowns

I was in our local hypermarket when this pink contraption caught my eye. I was amazed...our hypermarkets have even started selling their own value version of evening gowns! Move over, Beatrice Looi, Daniel Yam and Carven Ong! We now have our own home-brand evening gown!

Alas, the sign above it disappointed me. It was just a novel way of displaying their towels! I was so looking forward to wearing that fluffy pink tube to my next wedding dinner!

But if any creative and imaginative person out there is looking for a nice evening gown, do hop over to our local hypermarket and you could be pleasantly surprised! Gowns in a unique terry material, available in at least 12 different colours and at a fraction of a couture gown!

*Pins to hold up dress are not included


Paris said...

ROFLOL!!! Terry! The latest rage in Milan!!

Tunku Halim said...

I'm sure Paris Hilton is dying to get one!

Pink Elle said...

Paris - Yes I hear terry is THE new black :D

Tunku - Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure she would if she saw it! She can afford to buy thousands of it! ;)