Sunday, March 18, 2007

The UN family

So Angelina Jolie has done it again! She recently adopted a little Vietnamese boy from a Vietnam orphanage. Article here.

She's definitely building her own little UN family with her adopted children Maddox (Cambodia) and Zahara (Africa) and her own baby, Shiloh. In fact, she once said that she felt more for her adopted children compared to her own because they had been through so much more! I wonder what Shiloh would make of that when she grows up!

I think she's a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. Instead of running off and having many children with different fathers, she's choosing to adopt children from poor nations in a bid to give them a a better life. At least, they'll be able to enjoy a far better life, materially, than they would have in the orphanages in their own countries.

It'll be interesting to see what funky name she'll give this little new Vietnamese son of hers!

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Sarah Johnson said...

I think it is awesome that she is helping children all over the world!

I am an adoptive mother, but I can't save every child - no one can.

I contribute to the Hearts and Hands International charity and I am volunteering some time to their one-day blog-a-thon (ends today!)