Monday, March 26, 2007

Small-Hearted People

Nothing better tells you that you've grown up when you realise that the world isn't the nice, rose-tinted world with talking bunnies, kind-hearted people like Mr Pink Whistle and good deeds ala Enid Blyton. Instead you begin to realise that the world actually has quite a few small-hearted people in it. Small-hearted...I like this phrase I picked up from my aunt - it conjures up the image of a small, wizened imp with malicious eyes.

They do exist out there, sad but true, and they seem to derive great pleasure in making their "lucky" subject's life a misery. No, not physical in this crime-ridden age but through harsh words, nasty thoughts or deeds which at times wound a lot deeper than any knife can.

I've had my fair share of small-hearted imps in my life. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way that the world isn't as rosy as it appears to be and trust between others is something so hard to earn, yet so easily broken.

So what to do with a small-hearted one?

I used to be filled with ill-feelings when wronged by a small-hearted imp. But recently, I've come to the conclusion that life's a bit too short to allow myself to be filled with so much negativity. It only made me into someone I didn't like so I've learnt to tell myself they weren't worth my time nor my emotions and after a while, their presence ceased to matter to me anymore.

Of the two - hate or indifference, I would have to say that the latter seems a lot worse. At least hate is still an emotion.


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Small hearted ppl are like ghosts. Insubstantial and only there if you believe in them. Once you don't believe in them, just say BOO! And they disappear into thin air and plague you no more. Let me get my elvee from my ghost then I'll say BOOOO!!!!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The very mention of Mr Pink Whistle gives me goosebumps as I recall a childhood so innocent and distant that I relate to it less and less everyday. Like you, I try not to dwell on imps too much nowadays as I find that no matter how much we fret about the wrong-doings, they're not gonna be bothered one bit about it. Our time is better spent on other things.

Pink Elle said...

Paris - BOOOO! At least you're getting an elvee from your ghost :D

Lyrical Lemongrass - Thanks for dropping by! Another Mr Pink Whistle fan :) No, imps aren't worth our time at all. They should all just be banished somewhere and the world would be a happier place :)

JIN said...

since young I learnt never to trust anyone but myself