Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hold It There!

I was extremely tempted to skive my usual yoga class last Thursday night. I didn't really have enough sleep the night before and was having the twang of slight gastric pains. But the reminder of exercise being good for you and more importantly, the fact that I had already paid my fees for that month made me drag my sorry self down. And what a class it was!

Our instructor put us through a punishing routine of sun salutations, standing warrior positions and downward dogs non-stop! Getting into a pose isn't that hard. What's tough is when she tells us to "Hold it there!" I used to be quite happy that my feet could finally touch the floor when doing the downward dog but last night, she pulled my body into the correct position and every muscle screamed in agony. Now I know, when a pose is comfortable, it's not correct!

Towards the end of the class, my body just gave up and I couldn't go on anymore. I was enveloped in exhaustion and taking a shower after that required sheer willpower! Needless to say I slept very well and woke up this morning feeling fantastic! I do love yoga! However, lesson learnt: Always, always have enough rest and a good night's sleep before the yoga class!

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