Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Bug That's Going Around

I've noticed a bug that's been going around my various groups of friends. It seems to be spreading faster than the flu virus could. What is it? It's the wedding and baby bug!

I guess it must be due to that "right age to get hitched" but the past year or so have seen wedding invites flying all over the place which leaves me agonizing over my meagre cupboard looking for the right dress to wear to the various wedding dinners. Even hard-core "I'll never get married till I'm 50" friends are catching the bug and whenever I do my customary annual social event, I get hit with another wedding card!

And if it's not weddings, it's babies! All around me, friends are in various stages of pregnancy. I think I've got them covered from those who are trying to those who are on the brink of delivery.
I guess babies are a natural progression from the wedding bug which is a natural progression of growing older but while I'm happy for them, it's a little disconcerting sometimes. A friend last night just lamented that our conversations now are all going to be about babies, weddings or anti-aging creams and yes, it does seem to be heading into that direction.

No surer sign than these life-changing events to remind us all that we're getting older!

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