Thursday, March 15, 2007

Free Coffee!

I was thrilled to see this advertisement in the newspapers yesterday:

So this morning, I thronged to the Starbucks opposite my office to see that a long queue was already starting! Malaysians and their freebies!

We all didn't have to wait long though because they had already anticipated the crowd and prepared a steady supply of coffee cups to distribute. So all we had to do was to go up to the counter to be given a nice steaming hot cup of coffee!

I don't usually drink coffee, what more Starbucks which I don't believe in paying for. So this freebie was a nice one indeed! :) If nothing else, I could pretend to be like one of those busy executives on TV scurrying to work with that famous coffee cup in their hands!

p/s I must say their cardboard sleeve is pretty good in keeping the coffee hot and your hands cool! But it still isn't enough to turn me into a Starbucks convert! RM10 for a cup of coffee is still a bit too hot to swallow.

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