Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sweet-smelling Meme

Paris tagged me on her Women Stuff some time back. Yes, my glam sis has her own little glam site with beauty reviews! I may be a "make-up in 15 minutes" person but I can never leave the house without spritzing on my favourite perfumes. So here they are!

Inez de la Fressange - I stumbled upon this one in the Bangkok old airport during their sale. I'd never heard of this French designer before and only picked it up because it was a steal plus it had a really pretty box and bottle. Yes, I'm a sucker for that! I do like the gold bottle it comes in with the embossed gold leaves and its light, floral fragrance. Quite an easy perfume to wear and rather unusual. I don't think I've seen it in KL before.

Alexander McQueen's Kingdom - Okay, this is sis' which I liberally borrowed while bunking in with her. Shh..don't tell her! :p It's got a unique round bottom bottle which makes spraying a little hard sometimes. You've got to get the angle right otherwise nothing comes out of it. I like it's strong musky smell. It lasts all day and will make a great night perfume. Gorgeous! Time for me to get one of my own!

Cerruti 1881 - This brings back memories of Harvey Nicks in a cold London where I was fretting over whether I should buy it. I finally did at Heathrow and am glad I did! It's another heavy, musky perfume that's great for evenings. Very distinctive smell in a nice round bottle.

Bvlgari BLV - Picked this gem up in Bali. Another great perfume for evenings out with its strong and unmistakable undertones. A nice sexy scent although the bottle makes it a little hard to handle at times if in a hurry!

Givenchy's Very Irresistible - This was one of my earliest perfumes. I was feeling dead depressed during a working trip to JB and got it as a pick-me-up. I love the fresh, floral scent and who can't help but love the tall, sexy bottle?! I've been using it sparingly...not wanting it to run out!

Lancome Miracle - Another everyday perfume that I like. Light, sweet scents in a nice peenk bottle! Funnily enough, the new Miracle So Magic doesn't smell as good on me!

Most of my perfumes come from airports or my trips abroad. I used to tell myself that I'll buy a perfume each time I travel. It worked well until last year where I got free AirAsia flights to too many places and then it got a bit expensive! I wonder what I should buy this year!

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Alan Ang said...

Already posted in my blog. Am I suppose to tag someone now ? :D

Pink Elle said...

Thanks Alan! :) A meme noob eh?! Yeah pass it on if you like!