Friday, March 30, 2007

Snore No More

A recently married friend complained that she wasn't aware marriage meant having her sweet slumber wrecked by her partner's incessant snoring every night! Well, they say that marriage is a package - both the good and the bad!

However, hope isn't lost for her and for the millions out there who have to put up with interrupted sleep from snoring, either their own or their sleeping partners. A US-based wholesale distributor of CPAP supplies have been providing relief to sleep apnea out there.

Snoring is apparently caused by blocked airways and CPAP distributes Continuous Positive Airway Pressure supplies (CPAP) machines, masks and humidifiers which are easy to use. All the user needs to do before bed is to turn on the machine, wear the mask while ensuring a tight fit and hop right into bed for a good night's sleep. The system will blow air through the user's nostrils to ensure their airways remain open and to keep away any snores.

You will need a prescription for sleep apnea before you're allowed to purchase a CPAP product. So if your partner has been shooting you dagger stares and looking panda-eyed in the morning, get yourself tested and snore no more with CPAP!

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