Thursday, March 29, 2007


I blogged about my heels giving me trouble not too long ago. This morning, I was very tempted to put on my trusty ol' boots again but since I was wearing a skirt, I had to ignore my dear boots' calling and hunt around for my pair of black heels.

They didn't give me much trouble and my feet actually felt quite comfortable in them...that is, until lunch. I stepped out of the lift and cringe...every step I took was punctuated by a loud squeek! With a sinking heart, I took a few more steps to find the squeek cheerfully accompanying me every step of the way! Even attempting to walk model-style, ie lift your leg completely off the ground and put the whole foot down in front of you, did nothing to lessen the squeeks. It was mighty embarrassing to have a little mouse attached to my feet! In the end, I had to resort to walking on the paving stones in the hot sun which lessened the little squeeks.

Checking my shoes, I found nothing wrong with the heels nor the base of the shoe. So pray tell me, shoe, what is the source of your embarrassing squeeks?!

I so so so need a pair of new shoes!


Chiwi said...

Everyone needs 1, or 2, or 3, or 4 pairs of new shoes, every month! hehehe :) I love shoes!!!!

sooyin said...

Could it be that the rubber at the tip of the heel dropped off and exposed the nail? That's usually where my shoe squeeks come from...=P

Pink Elle said...

Chiwi - You're a girl after my own heart :D A girl can never ever have too many shoes!

Soo Yin - Thanks for your help but I actually resoled it not too long ago. Argh it's driving me nuts! One more sqeek and the shoes' are getting the boot!

bliss.delirium said...

What are you waiting for? Go grab them new pair of heels! :D


Pink Elle said...

Angie - waiting for the next sale la! :p