Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year Resolutions

There's so much pressure in the world today to be thin. Some watch their food and exercise but others prefer to take the easy way out by eating diet pills such as hydroxycut. These pills provide a quick and easy way to lose weight. No more need to sweat it out at the gym or to watch your portion sizes of your favourite foods. Simply pop the pills and watch the pounds melt away. One of my new year's resolutions is to lose weight but this time I'll do it the hard way!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Football Fever

It’s winter in the US right now but sports fans all over the country still have their favourite sporting event to look forward to – the Super Bowl XLII which is all set to take place on February 3 next year in Glendale, Arizona. Tickets have already been going on sale and with such a popular event like this, you can be sure that tickets will sell out faster than you can blink! So what are you to do if you’re a huge football fan who doesn’t want to miss a piece of the action in the University of Phoenix Stadium? You simply log on to to purchase your super bowl tickets and you’re all set to go! Don’t forget the hot dogs!

Season of Feasting

It's been a season of feasting! One that started way before Christmas! Last night, we had a family gathering in Pantai Seafood Restaurant and it was even more feasting! :P We all went home with full bellies! I'm going to have to really go on a diet after the New Year! That will have to be my new year resolutions!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The year has really flown past! It seemed like only not too long ago when we were wishing each other Happy New Year 2007 and now it is already time to dust off the Christmas decorations and tree! How fast the year has flown! But for now, let's enjoy the festivities of the season and the love of family and friends. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Studying Part Time

I recently joined a new multi-national company and was surprised to find that they encouraged their staff to study part time while working. They provided all kinds of incentives such as reimbursement of fees, study breaks and other incentives as they believed in having a well-educated group of staff. One of the new colleagues I met is currently pursuing her online degree with capella university. It is a fully accredited and online university that offers a wide range of 101 undergraduate and graduate degrees to approximately 20000 students worldwide. Because it is online, students can choose to access it anytime and anywhere in the world. It’s a great idea!

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Long Weekend

I'll be catching the bus home later to Muar. My boss was kind enough to give me leave on Friday and the coming Monday so I can have a long break. We'll be heading down to Singapore after that during the weekend so I'd better remember to bring my passport as well. I should go pack soon as I'm leaving the house by 10.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wine Club

If you’re a wine connoisseur and always on the lookout for the best wines in the world, then you should consider joining the Gold Medal wine of the month club. It is an exclusive club started by this premium winery in California. Membership to the club allows you to sample two outstanding wines every month from exclusive small family-owed vineyards around California which produce some of the best wines in the world. So if you want to be part of this exclusive secret, join today! There are absolutely no costs attached to it so what are you waiting for?!

I know of many who have joined and are really happy with the wine they receive. One of them was an old friend from school who has made lots of money and he would hold wine parties every month for his close friends so everyone can sample the wonderful flavours of these unusual and rare wines. It's an opportunity not to be missed!

Online Degrees

It’s a technological world we live in today and many things are now online, even learning or a degree. This Online Learning feature is being championed by Capella University, a renowned accredited and fully online university that is based in Minneapolis. Because it is online, it can cater to a wide range of students and currently has more than 20,000 students worldwide, across all 50 states of America and 56 other countries, pursuing one of its 101 undergraduate and graduate degrees and 15 certificate programmes at Capella University. It is a wonderful place to start your degree in especially if you don’t have the time to attend a proper degree.

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Luxury Hotels

In my previous job, although I had to travel economy class, the hotels always more than compensated for it. We always got to stay in the highest range of hotels and overnight, big luxury hotel brands such as Shangri-La and Sheraton became almost common as we would always be given rooms there. I recall a room we stayed in in Shangri-La Beijing. It was located on the Executive Floor and the room was amazing. The bathroom was huge and equipped with the highest quality finishings such as Grohe shower heads and Danze fauctes. I do miss that part of it!

Secret to Good Skin

I recently met a friend whom I hadn’t seen for many years. This friend used to have pretty bad skin while we were in school but when I saw her again, I was impressed to see that her skin was beautifully smooth, glowing and flawless. She was a little hesitant to reveal her secret but after much persuasion, she told me that her skin was a result of her switching to Jane Iredale cosmetics at the recommendation of her beautician. She has since found a vast improvement in her skin and encouraged me to try it. Perhaps I should buy a small collection to sample before buying the whole range.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wise Investments

Metal is a depleting resource and in the recent years the prices of metals have increased drastically. There has been a spike in the world prices of metals as the resource becomes scarcer. This is why many people have started investing in gold and silver with reputable and secure deposit companies such as Monex Deposit Company. Although the prices are high now, it should still continue to appreciate and someday the value of the gold or silver you have invested in now will be worth even more. So if you’re looking for a good investment option, do consider investing in precious metals.

Saving Money

The weekend always seems to fly too fast when we're going stuff. Tomorrow, we're planning to head out to KLCC to take a look at the sales there. However, I'm trying to save my money so I'm going to cut back on shopping and other unnecessary items now. This is especially since my pay in my new company is actually lower than my present company but hopefully things will work out.


Going out on a weekend can be quite an expensive affair. We went out today and hardly bought anything but spent quite a bit already on parking and food. Parking is always extra expensive on weekends and sometimes running into a mall just for an hour or two can set us back close to RM5 or RM10, depending on which mall we choose to frequent. So far, The Pavillion has the most expensive parking. Yet I see lots of people heading there. Staying in the city can be pretty expensive.

Important Safety Feature

Before I went to Australia for my studies, a friend who was studying there told me how they once had an accident with a kangaroo while driving through the country from West to East Australia. According to him, the car was terribly wrecked and the only things that saved their lives was the bull bar across the car they were driving. So when a friend was considering purchasing a pick up truck, the bull bar was one feature I reminded him to look at. It’s definitely a safety feature that shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting your dream truck. It could save your lives in an accident.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Destination?

One question I was asked recently was where we had planned our honeymoon. With so many things on my mind for the coming wedding, the honeymoon was one of the furthest thing from my mind! However when I saw a friend’s photos from Las Vegas, it did strike me that Las Vegas could be a good choice. It’s filled with beautiful hotels and best of all, all kinds of Las Vegas Shows from my favourite Cirque du Soleil to some of the best magicians in the world. My friend also told me that the food there is always cheap with lots of very cheap buffets that can be found so easily in every hotel. Maybe Las Vegas is a destination worth considering.

Nice Breakfasts Here

I just realised that I'll miss my breakfasts here. There used to be some nice Malay stalls which sold my favourite noodles for breakfast which was really cheap as well. RM1 used to get me a huge packet which will be enough for both my breakfast and lunch! Sadly though when they did some renovations here, these stalls were removed. Oh well...perhaps there'll be better breakfast options over in the new place!

Prego, The Westin

We had a nice dinner in Prego last night. I tagged along with Sis for a dinner with her clients and we feasted on pizza and a fish which I shared with sis. The way they deboned the fish was pretty impressive. They removed all the skin and bones in front of us then plated it nicely. It was nice but personally, I felt it was a bit fishy and not very easy to eat without the lemon and sauce condiments. But it was, nonetheless, a nice dinner!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Best Seats

If you’re a major sports fan, you’ll understand the frustration so many feel when the ticket to their favourite game or concert is out of reach. In some cases, the tickets are available but the best seats in the house have all already been snapped up so you end up getting bad seats which spoil the concert or game. Well, in the future, don’t fret because you can get the best seats in the house for your favourite games, even popular ones such as Miami Heat Tickets from Premium Seats USA. Simply log on to buy your ticket from this premium ticketing agent and the best seats in the house are almost guaranteed for you! So what are you waiting for? See you at the games!

Clearing Up

Today's officially the last day for me at work but I agreed to stay back 2 extra days to complete the week and finish up whatever work that was outstanding. I've pretty much cleared up my place, filed all my documents so there isn't much else to do anymore. Yesterday I taught my colleagues how to access my soft copies as well so hopefully whatever handover I can do is complete.

Farewell Lunch #2

My colleague called me today to ask if I was free for lunch! Haha...I've never felt so popular before in my life! He had actually asked to meet me yesterday and I had originally turned him down as I was supposed to meet someone else. But I ended up meeting him and a few other colleagues for lunch yesterday and thought that was it. It turned out that he wanted to meet me today as well, maybe for a personal chat without the other colleagues around. I felt a bit bad turning him down again today but I had already agreed to meet my sis for lunch so I told him to meet after work today instead. Hope he's okay with that.

Getting Connected

My colleague has just recently discovered the convenience of Skype and internet VoIP phones for calling our colleagues in the United Kingdom! What a dinosaur! :P Thanks to technology, we can now save lots of money on expensive international phone calls which can sometimes last up to a hour or more discussing various figures. Some other companies opt to use VoIP Call Center Phone Systems instead of Skype for ease of communication between their international offices. There are now lots of VoIP service providers in the market such as Xpander Communications which promises a cost effective method of hooking up your office to a VoIP system. So why wait? Get hooked up today!

Pastis, The Garden

We went there for lunch today. It's a nice little open cafe in front of Isetan and serves mostly sandwiches, quiches and light meals. It has handmade chocolates as well in a chilled case. They do have heavier stuff such as pies and pasta on their menu and we even saw a nice tea tower which they do for RM48 which comes with an assortment of sandwiches and pastries.

We had a pie, pasta and a very interesting crepe dish which came with two sausages, fried mushrooms, salad and boiled potatoes on top of a buckwheat crepe. It was actually really good but filling! The only thing was that the potatoes weren't fully cooked so the middle portion was quite hard. They're a bit on the pricey side but quite a nice place to go to for a leisurely lunch or a light lunch after some shopping.

Noisy Office

The office next door has been driving me nuts! There have been all kinds of drilling and noise going on for days. I believe there is some kind of renovation ongoing as the previous tenants moved out of the office some time ago and it was actually empty for quite a while. I don’t mind the hammering that much but when the drilling starts, it can really drive me mad. I think I shall go confiscate their festool power drills if they don’t stop soon! The incessant buzz is really terrible.

Super Luxury Condos

We’re recently seen an influx of luxury condos here in our city but whatever we have doesn’t beat some of the luxury condos offered elsewhere. Our closest neighbor, Singapore, has lots of really beautiful condos with wonderful fittings. But those can’t even compare to the luxury of the Beach Club Hallandale Condos, an amazing development in Hallandale Beach which has a breath taking view of the Atlantic Ocean. It features 12 spacious units per floor with top of the line appliances and fittings from designer kitchens, granite counters and gorgeous floor to ceiling windows! Isn’t it amazing knowing what a lot of money can buy?!

A Break

It's the last day of Bro's exams today. It's been a rather long and trying period, especially for Mom as she has been cooking for him for the past two weeks. The folks were planning to go to Bangkok after this for a break and I hope they manage to get their tickets. I think Mom especially really needs a break from all that cooking and cleaning she has been doing! It's really peak season though so I suspect the tickets and rooms will be quite hard to get.

Hard or Soft

I'm almost done with clearing up my room. I guess whatever remains now is just for me to save all my stuff onto my hard disk and teach whoever who's taking over my job how to access my files. There's a lot of information I've been keeping over the years and when a colleague asked me for my documents in hard copy, I was quite surprised as I prefer to keep mine online in soft copy. I thought most people do since it saves filing space, not to mention the amount of paper that needs to be printed for all these documents! But my colleague comes from the old school who still prefer to see paper.

Orlando Fun

I was recently quite free and started my usual blog hopping. One particular blog caught my attention as the blogger had lots of lovely pictures of her recent trip to Sea World in Orlando. Sea World is one theme park I’ve always wanted to go to. I’ve always loved watching fish and aquariums and I’ve heard that Sea World has got lots of wonderful fishy attractions, from seal shows to even trained killer whales! Someday, I do hope to make a trip to Orlando to check out Disney World and Sea World. When that happens, I’ll definitely be getting by Sea World Tickets from

Morning Munchies

I don't know why I'm so hungry. I usually eat a bowl of oats for breakfast whenever Dad's around but even with the oats, I get hungry around 11am. Luckily my pantry has just been stocked with a new tin of Jacob's biscuits. At least munching on them helps to keep the hunger pangs away. I can't be eating too much or putting on too much weight now though! I have an important event next year to look good for! ;)

More Posts!

Not only was that advertiser really generous with opportunites, another advertiser has been steadily releasing opportunities throughout this whole morning! I'm really amazed! I keep refreshing every now and then and get really happy to see an odd opportunity pop up on my screen! However, I think lots of people must be logged in as well because my computer has been hanging each time I try to take the opportunity. I don't dare imagine how many thousands or hundreds of people must be fighting for the same opportunity!

What Kind of Bouquet?

I have just slightly under a year to think and plan for my wedding and I’m already getting really stressed out! Sis asked me the other day what sort of flowers I wanted for my bouquet and I couldn’t even answer her! Thank goodness for the internet though. I did some online research and realized that I really like the mini calla lilies that come with long stalks. The stalks are then wrapped in paper for a beautiful and elegant bouquet. I found a wonderful site called FiftyFlowers that does elegant and sweet bouquets just like that. Now I just need to find out if they’ll ship to our city!

Rare Opportunity

Wow! Today has been such a wonderful day for paid posts! I logged into one advertiser's site on a whim this morning and was surprised to see an opportunity there for my blog. It was only $6 but still it felt wonderful to be able to take the opportunity from this site. This particular advertiser used to give me really good opportunities when my blogs had a good PR. I used to get opportunites up to $24 from them. Unfortunately now that my blogs PR has dropped so low, I hardly get anything from them anymore. Hopefully they'll still remember us low-PR blogs and throw us a few opportunities every now and then!

Farewell Lunch #1

I'll be meeting my sis for lunch. Yippee! :) It's always nice eating with my sis because we can share food and I don't need to worry too much about making small talk! :P This is quite a contrast from the company lunch we had yesterday. I was the only girl there amongst a whole table full of guys and while they did try to make me feel welcome, there were quite a number of lewd jokes flying all over the place which made me feel a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it was really nice of them to buy me a farewell lunch.

A Luxurious Investment

I love watching CSI Miami every week and I always admire the beautiful residences they feature on the coast of South Florida. It seems like everyone in Miami are beautiful, rich and have a wonderful time! People here do seem to have a high regard for Miami and it is a popular holiday and investment choice for the well heeled layer of society. Recently, the exclusive launch of one of the luxury condos in South Florida called The W South Beach Condo in our city received tremendous response. It was really quite surprising as the condos range from $750,000 to more than $10 million for a condo! It comes with really beautiful and luxurious facilities though which even include a spa on the premises! What wouldn’t I give to live in a condo like that!

First Trip

I cleared out my room this morning and got rid of some stuff that have been lying there for ages. Some things like receipts from my very first overseas trip to Mali about two years ago. I remember how excited I was about going on that trip because it was the very first company trip I had ever taken. I remember how excited I was about going off to the Dark Continent and a country where very few people went to. Now, several trips later, I still have that spark of enthusiasm especially when I'm going somewhere new but it's never the same as the very first time, is it?!

Sharing a Laptop

My company used to have pool laptops we could use whenever we had to go on trips or presentations. I asked for a laptop once but after I was given the choice of using the laptop or desktop, I opted to just use a pool laptop instead of keeping a personal laptop and having to peer at a tiny screen everyday when I didn’t travel that much. That worked pretty well but my only problem was transferring the data from one computer to another every now and then. Luckily, we had good HDMI cables which made that process fast and efficient. Otherwise I can’t imagine how many diskettes or CDs we would have had to use!

Shopping Made Easy

Don’t you love shopping online? I do, especially now that I have some money in my Paypal account. It’s a fast and easy way to find things that I can’t get in the stores here. However, whatever sites I go to, I always try to make sure that I buy at safe and secure sites where I would not have the risk of my credit card being cloned or my transaction ending up as a sham transaction. I’ve noticed quite a number of the Australian sites I visit using a new shopping software from Ashop Commerce. This new shopping cart software is flexible, reliable and best of all, safe and secure for online shoppers. It is very easily customizable with lots of useful features such as web hosting, protection, unlimited emails and even additional services such as graphic designs and Search Engine Optimisation features which are so important for an online store. Best of all, it makes customers like me feel secure shopping there.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Corporate Gift Time

It’s the end of the year again. I love the end of the year, it’s always filled with festivities and fun. Once again, my company has given us the task of looking for corporate gift baskets to be presented to our clients and customers. This time, I surfed online and found some really beautiful gourmet gift baskets to order. They’re filled with high quality foodstuff and the most perfect thing for our customers and clients. Best of all, they ship world wide via Fedex and use premium packing materials such as professional air bags so it looks wonderful. I’m so glad we found this great site. I’ll never order from anywhere else again!

Lunch Today

I wonder what I'm doing for lunch today. I was supposed to meet a colleague for lunch but since J and his family were in town, I was hoping to meet them instead if they were going to come to the mall for a shopping trip. He still hasn't gotten back to me on whether they'll be coming so I'm really not sure what my lunch plans are looking like.

New Year's Party

We're hosting a new year's party in our place and are terribly excited! This is the first time we're intending to host a party at our new apartment and like sis said, we'll do it properly this time! So this weekend, we're heading down to Ikea to look for nice napkins and nice party stuff to make it a lovely party! Now to think of the food!

Protecting our Computers

Recently our computers at work were hit with a terrible virus. We were unable to receive any emails or send out any. It was really bad as we were working on an important project where communication was essential. We called in our computer experts and they decided to install an NOD32 system from Software Security Solutions into our computers to protect them. NOD32 has excellent security features including Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Firewalls and all kinds of other important security features to protect the computers. Luckily this managed to solve the problem and our computers are now running efficiently with no more virus attacks.

Food Choices

I just noticed that there is a spanking new food court coming up in The Gardens. What a pity! Just as I'm about to leave :( We used to be stumped everyday at lunch as after a while, the cafes and restaurants stopped having much appeal as they were really expensive as well. We were spoilt for a while when we had a cheaper place to get food from which was subsequently renovated and is still under renovation. Now, it looks like the tenants and workers in the mall are going to be spoilt for choice for affordable food!

Leaving This Week

I asked HR to calculate my notice period and was shocked to find that it will be ending by the end of this week! I was really surprised as based on my calculations, it was supposed to be just before Christmas. I guess my leave really helped as I had not taken any leave from my entitlement this year and that made a huge offset for my notice period. I'm a bit of a bag of mixed feelings.

Luxuriating in Orlando

Some friends are going off for their year end break and were trying to decide where to go. One of them suggested going to Orlando as she had a great offer for Orlando Villas. Her relative had booked it online but was unable to go so she suggested buying over her relative’s package. I was looking at the villa and was surprised to see how affordable it was for something that had so many amenities. The villa units come with different features, depending on the size of your group and some come even with heated spas for a more luxurious holiday. It’s something I’d love to stay in and what better way to spend the night unwinding after an exciting and hectic day in Disney World?! I’ll need to find out more when they’ve returned!

Moving On

I finally tendered in this present company. Looks like my window of opportunity has opened up and I managed to get something in a place I've always dreamt of. I hope things work out well there. I just spoke to a friend and she gave me some valuable advice about what MNCs are like and I truly appreciate it. It gives me an added boost of confidence I'll definitely need.

Meeting a Blogger Friend

I finally met a blogger friend yesterday after almost a year of communicating through each other's blogs. She had recently moved to the same mall where I work and we decided to meet up for lunch and a chat. It was nice how easily we could ease into chatting although we'd never met! I guess there's never a moment of silence when bloggers meet!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Replacing Parts

Recently, my computer was giving me quite a lot of problems. It was really slow especially when I opened large files and I asked for some repairs to be done on it to make it faster. I got a shock though when the technician told me that it’ll cost quite a bit to replace some of the parts with brand new parts. However, he gave me the option of using cheaper used cisco hardware which will do the job just as well as it was high quality hardware, albeit slightly used. I agreed to go with the used parts. After all, a computer’s lifespan is extinguished the minute you purchase it!

Flushing It Away

Have you ever tried this revolutionary health treatment called colon cleanse? I’ve read of it before and heard that even celebrities such as the late Princess Diana used to do it. It’s supposed to do wonders for your health as the procedure flushes out the accumulated toxins from your body. Honestly though, I’m not sure if I would dare do something like that. The process just sounds too scary!

Riding the Property Wave

There has been a recent property boom in certain countries. Cities like London and Singapore have seen property prices shooting through the roof and going into the millions just for a tiny place in the city, some of which are no bigger than a shoe box! This has actually benefited some people who dabble in real estate flipping. What they do is to buy property at a cheaper price, hold it for a while then flip it around for a much higher price once the property market booms. The profits they can make from a transaction such as this can be astronomical! It’s something that sounds really interesting but to me, if you don’t have the initial capital to purchase your first piece of property to “play” around with, it isn’t as easy as it looks.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shopping Software

I’ve recently been surfing around Australian online shops and found some really nice lingerie online with great discounts. Some of them which originally retailed at over $100 were selling at more than 80% discount which made it a really good buy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many things in my size, as was expected since sale items are usually odd sizes. However, while surfing around the site, I was really impressed with the layout and the security of the ecommerce shopping cart the site used. It was a safe, secure and easy way to shop with each purchase clearly listed before checking out. I felt really comfortable making my online payments on the site as it was clearly a secure transaction. I later found that many website owners were turning to Gate13 for their online businesses as it provided an excellent service and ease of conducting their businesses. Some have even found that using such a good software actually increased their business, much to their delight. However, as always, do be careful while doing online shopping. It always pays to be wary.

Printing Services

I used to study in Melbourne for three years during my under graduate course. Some of our courses involved having to prepare nice presentations and glossy handouts just to get a better mark. Being poor students, we used to try to find the best deals for the best prices and were really glad to find an innovative printing company called New Litho specializing in Printing Melbourne material. It bridges the gap between traditional and online printing. It’s revolutionizing the printing scene in Melbourne! Plus it’s very affordable for the quality it provides and always managed to get our presentations printed out in excellent quality right on time, as promised. Because they’re so high tech, they can integrate your digital formats and online marketing activities for the best printing job. As an added bonus, they’re very cost effective when doing large scale printing jobs so we used to pool together our assignments to get the best rate possible. So if you’re a business or student in Melbourne, hope over to New Litho for all your printing services! You wouldn’t be disappointed!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pretty Little Gifts

I never knew planning a wedding could be so much work until I helped a friend draw up her long Excel checklist! It had details of everything, from her dress right down to her bridesmaid gifts! In fact, I was really impressed to see that she had taken the effort to source for some really nice and unique bridesmaid gifts online. There was a gift available for every sort of bridesmaid at an affordable price ranging from delicate crystal souvenirs to pretty lace edged photo frames. Even her husband’s bestmen were not forgotten as she had a little collection of nice engraved cufflinks for them. I really admired her planning and eye for detail. I definitely learnt a lot from her to use for my own wedding in the future!

Office Politics

I had a rather interesting day in the office today. I learnt quite a bit about someone whom I had a different impression of and was surprised to know how many people in the office disliked that person. Personally, I think there's not much point in making life miserable for everyone and getting everyone to dislike you. I've always believed that having people respect and like you is a much more effective management tool. Then again, I've never been good at playing the office politics game.

Full Flight

I had a week long trip to London last week. It was a little last minute, as usual, and I was actually dreading the trip in a way because of the long flight there. Despite the really high ticket prices, I was surprised to see that it was a full plane load, filled with British holidaymakers returning home or Malaysians heading there for a holiday, which was shocking, considering the high exchange rate of the Sterling pound! There were a surprising number of Australians as well which were probably headed there for Christmas. I got a terrible seat which was smack in the middle but luckily next to a kind man who didn't mind my frequent visits to the toilet. Long distance flights really are tiring!

Radiator Replacements

Travelling with a leaky radiator can be a real nightmare. This happened to me once when we went to Penang in my friend’s dad’s car without realizing that the car had a leaky radiator. We traveled along our merry way until we realized that the car temperature was shooting up and overheating. That led to a long series of having to pull over the car every now and then to refill the water in the radiator. It was a pity we weren’t driving in America otherwise we would have been easily able to change our leaky radiator with It has high quality radiators available for almost any kind of car including a Dodge Truck Radiator for drivers of Dodge Trucks. And because they promise such quick service in replacing your radiator, you’ll never have to worry about leaky radiators again!

Furniture Shopping Online

A friend had recently moved to a new place and was looking around for suggestions to furnish her new home. She had a limited budget but wanted some really nice furniture which wouldn’t look cheap. One of my friends does a lot of online shopping and recommended her a great site that specialised in Bush furniture which provided lovely furniture sets for a great price. Hopefully she likes the furniture in the online store!

Nice Colleagues

I had a really nice lunch with a colleague today. I was actually craving some Johorean food, especially soto but unfortunately, the mall didn't seem to have any. So we went for Mee Rebus instead. Much to my surprise, after we came back to the office, I found that one of my colleagues had actually cooked soto and brought some to work. My colleagues were really nice to set aside a bowl for me, especially after knowing that I was craving it. And so, due to their kindness, I had that for tea! No wonder I was so full today!

Smart Travelling

Do you always keep a pen in your handbag? I find that keeping pens in your handbag is always very useful especially when travelling. This is especially useful when you need to fill out visa forms or landing forms on airplanes before your arrive. I used to wait till the airline stewardesses provided me with a pen but after long waits, I’ve finally learnt to carry a pen along with me in my bag. You never know when you might need it!

Easy Way to Your Degree

Students today have it so easy with technology. I remember long endless nights as a student trying to finish my essays and writing assignments. But students today can rely on Custom-Writing, a professional writing service that provides all kinds of online essays for students all over the world. What’s unique about their services is that their custom papers are all 100% unique and plagiarism free so for a small fee, students no longer need to spend sleepless nights working over their assignments. However, I’m not sure if that’s the best way to get your degree!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Fun for the Holidays

There’s nothing harder to entertain than school children on their school holidays! They get bored so easily and all too soon they’re complaining of what they can do next. Well, what better time then to teach them creativity and maybe even let them decorate their own room wall with wall art?! It’s something both young and older children can do with supervision and it’s a fun activity for everyone so get painting today!

Positive Encouragement

I recently read an article about drug addicts who managed to successfully kick the drug habit after undergoing a comprehensive and good drug rehab programme. Many of them went on into gainful employment or some started their own businesses based on the skills they had learnt during their rehab training. It just goes to show that family support, good programmes and help for these addicts can help them overcome the evils of drug abuse.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Help for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is sometimes a problematic disease. If not taken care of properly, the patient may actually suffer serious gaping wounds or worse, in some cases, amputated limbs. Some of those I know have actually had to resort to Superfeet to replace their amputated legs. It’s important to be careful of where these artificial limbs come from as some patients may be sensitive and susceptible to infection if it is not properly treated or made to be hypoallergenic. One great company which specializes in all kinds of medical help for diabetes patients is Free Allegro which is currently offering specials and discounts for everyone who signs up now so do check them out!

Fried Chicken Rice

We had our favourite fried chicken rice. It's a really yummy chicken rice that has a huge fried chicken leg as an accompaniment. It's something we all enjoy very much especially when eaten piping hot with the light soy sauce and delicious home made chilli. It's not very healthy but I guess it's okay once in a while!

Skiving a Weekly Walk

We were supposed to go for our weekly walk this morning but I didn't feel too well so decided to sleep in instead. Unfortunately, I didn't seem to be able to sleep in at well and felt very hot and warm throughout the night. Maybe I've got a flu coming! Oh no!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Drug Rehab Helps

Drug abuse is a terrible addiction to have. Most times addicts fall into a deep abyss and have lots of trouble coming out without proper help. Without proper drug rehabilitation and counseling sessions, some of them might actually end up falling back into their previous drug problems. However, I’ve heard of many ex addicts who have successfully cleaned themselves with good heap and strong family support.

Slot Fun

The slot machines are always a popular game at the casinos, simply because you can play lots of games for a little sum. However, with technology, now you can even play online slots with Sloterix, the oldest online slot machine game on the Internet. Here, you can have the thrill of hitting the jackpot and seeing your money double! There’s lots for everyone including tips and tricks, strategies and all kinds of games for all kinds of levels. It’s a site you should definitely bookmark!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Long Move

Almost half of my mom's side of the family have all moved off to New Zealand. They decided to make the move several years ago and I remember how sad we all were to see them go as we were all really close knit and used to meet every Friday night for coffee. That was the first time I'd seen anyone move to such a far place and we had a first hand view at how the Long Distance Moving Companies work to efficiently wrap and prepare everything to be shipped into their containers. I had to admit that I was impressed with their professionalism in handling delicate and fragile items. My relatives too were really pleased to find their things were all transported safely and securely.

No Winter Allowance?!

I just heard something quite silly. Our company policy to be eligible for winter allowance is for temperatures of negative and below! What sort of policy is that?! What about wind chill and changes in the temperature, especially since we're coming in from a tropical climate?! This is so ridiculous, I'm putting in my entitlement form for approval anyway.

UK Next Week

I just heard that we have to make a trip to UK next week. I was really hoping to take things a little easier towards the end of the year and concentrate on some other stuff but now it looks like we'll have to do another exhausting 13 hour trip there. Plus it's cold at this time of the year :( I never thought I'll say no to traveling but in this case, I'm really not keen on going.

Online Casino

Are you an Online Casino fan? I know of some people who are such casino fans and gamblers that they not only play in physical casinos but even play online during their free time! That seems to be taking it a little far! Imagine sitting there playing non-stop with virtual, or in some cases, real money on all kinds of sites. So if you’re a die-hard casino fan, how do you know which are the best online casinos to play at? That’s when you consult Gamblecraft at

It is a great site that’s dedicated to pointing online casino or gambling fans to the best online casinos available on the Web. Through Gamblecraft, you can find the online casinos that offer the best bonuses or specials where you can get more simply by playing. They have something for everyone, whether those new to the game or those who have been playing for ages with a fantastic array of tips and tricks plus the latest news in the online casino world. So don’t forget to bookmark this fantastic site if you’re a huge online casino fan and start playing today! You will love it! Don’t forget to inform all your gaming buddies too! There’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn from Gamblecraft.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Mailing Lists

I used to get a lot of junk mail and wonder where these people got my address from. Later, I found out that they would get them from unscrupulous vendors who actually sold information they had in lists to all these companies who wanted to get a large customer base to send information to. So I had a lot of reservations when a friend who was starting his own company was looking for buy lists services. However, he assured me that the company he was talking to was highly reliable and they had actually been in the direct marketing business for many years already. They had a huge database of clients which included several Fortune 1000 clients and promised a lot of data integrity while helping their clients reach out to customers. It's always best to go with reliable companies.

Make Hay

Although I mentioned that some advertisers are staying away, some are still giving us some opportunities. Sites like PPP seem to be still having quite a number of opportunities but mainly for dotcom blogs with PR ranking. The offerings for bloggers seem to be really scant and whatever is up is taken too fast so unless you're monitoring the site, it's near impossible to grab it at all. Well, they say make hay while the sun shines!

Away from the Spotlight

The opportunities for sponsored posts recently seems to have dropped. Maybe the recent Google shake up too has sponsors hiding under the carpet as they do not want to be detected by the scary Google spotlight. One of the advertiser sites didn't even have any opportunities up and I haven't been seeing their email notifications in a while already. This doesn't seem to bode well for us bloggers anymore!

Fingers Crossed

I've been looking around for some better opportunities to go to for some time. Some people say work is work but to me when you're doing it for approximately 12 hours a day, you actually need to enjoy it, otherwise it's quite pointless. I've been asking around for recommendations from friends and scanning the newspapers but I think it's usually slow around this time of the year when everyone is looking forward more to the holidays that are just around the corner. However, recently, a friend recommended a new executive search firm that she said managed to help her to get something that she really loved and now she looks forward to going to work everyday. Hopefully they'll be able to help me too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Find The Perfect Host

I’m really clueless about techie stuff so when I wanted to set up my own dotcom, luckily I had sis to help me out with that. I was looking around for a good webhosting site and did some online searches to see what there was out there. One site that caught my eye was, a great site that providing lots of help in choosing the right web host for my site. They had a little quick start guide where all I had to do was to put in some variables like monthly cost, setup fee, diskspace or bandwidth and they would provide a list of the best hosts to suit what I wanted. They have a really good extensive FAQ page as well where I got most of my questions about web hosting answered. They are a really useful site as they cater to both personal and business sites for all sizes, whether a small site with little traffic like mine or a large e-commerce site. So if you’ve been on the lookout for a good web hosting site, start first with to find the host that will suit you best!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Raya Food

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we did have a gathering after all with lots of food. They had sate, briyani rice, fried chicken, ayam masak merah, ketupat and mutton briyani with egg. It was a pity though that the mutton was starting to go a bit bad because it had been covered the whole day. The food was good and everyone had a good time tucking in. They even had some extra left over which I brought back for my family and they had it for dinner that night with some other dishes my mom cooked.
I later found out though that many people didn't contribute money or anything for this gathering. Perhaps I shouldn't have been that generous.

Happy Planning

A friend is planning to get married soon and she was undergoing a lot of stress planning her perfect wedding. It was especially hard for her since she was really busy in her job and traveling quite a bit as well which made planning extra hard. I told her to check out a great Wedding Website called which promised to take the stress out of planning a beautiful and upscale wedding. It is packed with all kinds of tips and information and even a local vendor guide so everything is easily accessible with a click of a button. Best of all, it’s available everywhere in the world she may be! Thanks to Wedding Channel, she’s a lot happier planning for her wedding now!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunnies for Sunny Days

I didn’t use to think much about sunglasses when I was wearing sunglasses. However, vanity made me go for Lasik on my short sighted eyes so I too can wear nice and fashionable Sunglasses. Since I started wearing sunglasses, I’ve started being a lot more savvy about designer sunglasses as I’ve always longed to own a nice pair from Gucci or Chanel. Unfortunately, the prices have always been beyond my reach.

Recently, I read online about how this demand for designer sunglasses had opened up a whole new market for replica designer sunglasses. Now, people could buy Wholesale Sunglasses from dealers such as CTS Wholesales Sunglasses who provided replica sunglasses at a great discount from the original brand. That way they could make huge profit margins from people who wish to look trendy without the expensive price tag. It’s a great way to make some extra income, especially in these present times where looks matter a lot.

Hari Raya Gathering

My office is planning a big Raya gathering amongst the staff tomorrow evening. I didn't know what to contribute so just decided to give them some money to get whatever they need. The clerks seem pretty excited and have been talking about nothing but the menu and food for days already! I guess they get to have these things so rarely that every little event to plan for is something fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Car Garages

We used to have a cement floor in our garage back home. However, sometimes the floor would get stained with black oil from the car which may drip down. Dad then decided to find out if we could change our garage floors into a concrete version so we could easily clean up any stains or marks on it. I did some research online and found lots of solutions with, a fantastic solution provider for any kind of garage floors.

Shopping Sunday

We went out shopping this Sunday. Sold off about 70kg for a measly RM16 at Alam Flora then headed off to the Big Bookshop warehouse sale. This time's sale didn't seem as good as the last sales as Bro didn't manage to find anything while I only got 3 books. We then met up with sis in Bangsar where we hit a few little boutiques which were on sale and I picked up lots of stuff! :P Just when I told myself I shouldn't be shopping! :P I got a few nice tops and a dress for a pretty cheap price! I've been pretty tired of my wardrobe recently so hopefully this will be a nice revamp!

Does It Help?

On my way to work this morning, I heard on the news over the radio that banks are still slashing credit as many fear that the recent US sub prime issue isn't quite over yet. It has caused huge multinational banks such as Citigroup and Merril Lynch to report huge losses as many of them got caught by the mortgage defaulters. A friend who's familiar with the US mortgage scene told me that it can be quite difficult for a person who has defaulted on his mortgage payments. His credit rating will drop and he will find it near impossible to obtain any further loans or credit cards. This is where Bad Credit Credit Cards comes in to help these people with bad credit. They provide them a facility that allows them to own a card which can hopefully help them restore their credit rating when they start making regular payments on it. I'm not sure if it is a good idea though that will help them or end up being abused.

Caring for the Aged

In Malaysia, the concept of an extended family used to be quite common with most families. Usually children will resort to taking care of their aged parents. However, I recently read that families today seem to be opting for care homes for their parents or parent. This is sometimes sad to see as they resort to putting their parents in a home and hardly visit them. On the other hand, I guess some of them may actually have no choice if their parent requires medical care or constant attention which they, as working individuals, may not be able to provide to their best abilities.

It’s never easy to make that decision and personally, I think it should only be a last resort especially since your parents took wonderful care of you all throughout your life even when you were helpless. However for those who may be looking for care options, lost of information can be found at This site provides lots of news, views and tips from the experts. You can even chat to other people in similar situations on their interactive forum. So do arm yourself with all knowledge available before making such a decision.


We woke up early this morning again to take a brisk walk in the park behind Taman Tun. It's a really nice park and much nicer than the Lake Gardens. There were lots of people walking there this morning, from children to old people and some of the old people's stamina and flexibility really surprised me! They were so much better than us!
Anyway I really enjoyed the walk today. We should make it a weekend thing.

Help Between Paychecks

My friend recently bought a car and was wondering how much loan amount to take out. He was intending to make a bigger down payment on the car amount so he could reduce his loan amount and hence his monthly repayments. This was quite important for him as he had a monthly commitment of two housing loans on top of this car loan he was intending to take. He recently received a call from a bank offering him an interest free loan. However, I warned him against taking it as there was usually a catch to it.

He decided not to take it up in the end. I told him that if he needed bridging financing between his paychecks, he could consider taking short term No Fax Payday Loans which come in smaller amounts to help him tide the difficult period before his next paycheck. Since the amounts are smaller, any interest levied on it will also be less and more manageable than a bit amount. Hopefully, however, he will not need a payday loan as it is always best to avoid getting into too much debt.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I actually got up early this morning despite it being a Saturday to go for a walk in Lake Gardens! After my walk, I came back, had a shower and a healthy breakfast of oats and dates which is terribly healthy for a weekend. Then I sat down and finished my 6 paid posts that were all still outstanding! Now, just to find some inspiration this afternoon to blog as well and I should have a great day!

Perfect Present

A friend of mine is a rare coin collector and he is always on the lookout for rare and interesting coins. He has even queued for hours when a new collection was launched, just to add onto his growing and expensive collection. So when his birthday came about, it was only natural for us to look for something that he really loved and the morgan dollar by Monaco Rare Coin was a perfect choice. It even has a resale value so can be sold on the market just like any other wise investment. He really loved the gift and was very happy to add it onto his present collection.

Bridging Paychecks

Inflation has been on an all time high and sometimes I wonder how some families are able to get buy on small salaries. I read an article in the newspaper last week about how many people were starting to cut down on certain luxury items or eating out, simply to save money due to the rising costs. I used to work in a company where some of the lower paid employees like the clerks would resort to taking Cash Advance payments from the company, especially during festive seasons. This advance will then be deducted from their monthly salary.

However nowadays, there are other options available for them in the form of Payday Loans. It’s a way to help bridge your urgent needs between paychecks and can sometimes provide cash faster than a Salary Advance which may have to go through lots of administrative details. The loan amounts can range from £80 all the way up to £750 and once approved, the money can be electronically deposited directly into your bank account. Payment can also be done from that same bank account on agreed dates. It’s a good help if you need money for urgent matters and can be a much better and safer option than going to a loan shark.

Weekend's Here

Weekend's here! Hurrah :) I love the weekends and it was really great that this week was a short week as well due to the Deepavali holiday which fell on Thursday. It looks like a promising lazy weekend ahead already! Hurrah!

Buy New Cars Cheap

It seems to be the season of changing cars. First my friend got into a flood which left his car in a bad shape even after a major overhaul. Next, my brother’s 15 year old car seems to be on its last legs as it has been giving a lot of sounds and its suspension is almost gone. So we’ve recently been going to look at cars in car showrooms and online as well. One great site we found during our search was, a site that promises that you will never need to pay top dollar for a new car again! They allow consumers to compare quotes on new cars so they’ll always end up with the best deal. Because my brother and friend were considering Honda Cars, they ran a search for Honda Car Quotes and was surprised to see how vastly the quotes could differ from dealer to dealer, depending on how much discounts they were planning to give. In the end, we found that the quotes offered here were much better than the Honda Car Prices we saw at the showroom. Sometimes it’s amazing what a little bit of internet research can pick up!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Under The Radar

Today's been quite an okay day as far as the radar is concerned. I managed to hide and stay low from the eagle eye. I've got about half an hour more to go so I'm praying very hard I won't be detected until I leave! After all, it's a Friday and usually Friday nights mean party nights, don't they?! Funnily enough, I haven't partied in a long long long while. It's truly a sign of age! :P

What Did You Do?

So what did you do for your public holiday yesterday? I had a really good one. Slept in late, went to the gym, went for my yoga class and had a really good dinner with the family after that. It was really nice especially since I had a really tiring trip to Singapore the day before and had to come back into work after we got back. Then the parents wanted to spend some time walking in the mall so we got back quite late on Wednesday night. I'm glad it's the weekend again tomorrow!

Public Hol Yesterday

Yesterday was Deepavali which meant another public holiday! :) I've been really looking forward to public holidays as there haven't been any holidays for some time already. The next public holiday I'm looking forward to is the Christmas break. Throw in a Hari Raya Haji hol the week before and I'll be enjoying a nice long weekend!

Solution for Unwanted Pounds

Obesity is a real problem today in developed countries. Even China seems to be battling the battle of the bulge as their children grow up overweight caused by over indulgent parents and grandparents. I guess its hard to diet and say no to rich food in a society that's so abundant with food today. That has led to many people resorting to all kinds of surgical methods to help them lose the unwanted pounds, especially since thin seems to be in again. Some resort to painful liposuction procedures which others opt for Lap band surgery. In fact, Lap Band surgery seems to be gaining popularity as it is a simpler and less painful procedure compared to liposuction. However, like all medical procedures, it is always best to consult your doctor and to be fully informed before you do anything.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Should I go?

I’ve been having a major burnout at work and can’t wait to take a break. I just checked my leave form and realized that I haven’t even utilized my leave entitlement this year! And to think that I used to think that 21 days in a year was simply too short! I guess I got really busy and was not able to plan many holidays. A friend is actually planning a trip to Disneyland at the end of the year and asked me along. She said that she had gotten a really good deal on hotels in orlando which will save us quite a bit. I’m really tempted by her offer. Maybe I should take her up on it!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sales Marketplace

Are you a salesperson? If you are, you’ll love the Salesconx online marketplace. It’s an online portal for sales professionals from all over to build and make profits from their existing business contacts. It also allows them to network and expand their relationship base with all kinds of other potential customers. Membership is absolutely free and you can be sure that only genuine and established sales professionals are members of Salesconx. Join today, you wouldn’t regret it!

Off To Singapore

I'm off to Singapore again tomorrow on a day trip. We're catching the 9.25 flight and are supposed to catch the 3.25 flight back in the afternoon. Hopefully we manage to finish our meeting on time to catch the flight otherwise we'll need to push it back. I'm not sure if we're supposed to go back into the office after that. There's quite a bit to be done and the following day is a public holiday. Guess we'll just play it by ear.

Host Your Domain

Nowadays baby blogs seem to be the trend and mommies everywhere are setting up sites to blog about their precious little ones. One of my friends was considering setting up a site for her newborn son and asked me about any good hosting plans available. I recalled reading a hostmonster review once and advised her to check it out. She was really happy to find that she could obtain and host unlimited domains at no extra charge. Now I look forward to reading more about her little boy!

Teak Teak Teak

I went to a Hari Raya open house recently that was held in the luxurious grounds of a huge mansion. It was a fantastic party with all kinds of big names around the place. The garden it was held in was really beautiful. It had immaculately landscaped designs and really beautiful teak garden furniture arranged in cosy little groups that made the perfect arrangement for the various people who wanted to chat in their little private groups.

I asked the host where she got the furniture from and she told me she actually bought it online from Teak Wood Patio Furniture. It’s a great site that deals in al kinds of teak furniture, from pretty little tables to cosy teak benches. It has everything anyone would ever need for a nice patio or garden set made from this sturdy and long lasting wood furniture. I personally like teak very much and someday when I have my own place, I’m going to get a nice pair of teak benches for a nice rustic look in the house.

Nice Big Refridgerators

When sis was shopping for her new home, we used to accompany her to look for electrical appliances. We all love big refrigerators so it was natural that we headed to those huge ones. One that we saw was a particularly nice one from the range of KitchenAid Refrigerators. It was huge, energy efficient and most importantly, looked stylish too with a great stainless steel and chrome finish. It was really roomy as well and came with lots of great compartments for storing different food items. Unfortunately it was beyond sis’ budget so she had to consider something a little cheaper. She did say though that she would consider buying the KitchenAid when she has funds available!

Work Stress

It's depressing going to work when I keep getting shouted at for things that I'm not responsible for. If it's an honest mistake concerning my work that I've made, I can take the blame for it. But not when it's some one else's responsibility which they have chosen to shirk or to push around. Sometimes I think there's a serious lack of communication or a major communication breakdown.

Traffic Driver

My aunt used to work in a large international school and we used to sometimes tag along with her to her school to see what it was like. The facilities and services they had there were amazing. It was so much more than our pokey old government schools. They had high tech computer labs filled with computer furniture and fully air conditioned classrooms. They even had lockers for them to store their belongings when not in school or in between classes.

I asked my aunt where they got their school computer furniture from and she said it was from Versatables, a company specializing in all kinds of computer furniture for schools, offices and hospitals. They provide 100% American products and even give a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the products you have received. That’s confidence in their products for you! I really liked how sleek and stylish their ergonomic computer furniture look and hopefully someday, if I have my own office, I’ll outfit it with Versatables too.

Christmas Shopping!

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you gotten your Christmas lists done up and your presents ready? If you’ve been thinking of doing your Christmas shopping early to avoid the crowds, black friday is one of the best times to do your shopping. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is a great day to do your shopping as there are always a host of special discounts available for shoppers. Sometimes it’s hard to know what the bargains are and whether it’s worth making that long trip into town. Well, don’t fret because with, you don’t need to be left wondering if you can make it on time to get the bargains you want. You can simply purchase online and be guaranteed of getting the discounts you’ve been eyeing.

If you’re shopping for a child, you’ll know how difficult it is to get discounts on that particular toy that’s hot in season. It’ll be the toy that every child is coveting for and every parent would do almost anything to buy. Yes, Christmas shopping can be one scary event! So if you don’t want to be battling frenzied parents and screaming children, simply get your discount code from Toys R’ Us Big Toy Book Black Friday Ad. So for all you Christmas shoppers out there, do bookmark this page. You won’t regret it!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I've been tired a lot lately. Maybe it's work pressures in the office, lack of sleep or simply lack of iron. I think I'd better try to start sleeping earlier nowadays and build up some of my sleep banks for lean nights ahead when things start getting busy again.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Police Gear

Have you ever wondered where the police get their cool gear from? Funky things like their bullet proof vests, gun holsters and funky sunglasses? It turns out that they're all available on online sites such as Tactical Outdoors which have everything a police needs, from Galco holsters to bullet proof vests. So now we can look as cool as the cool cops too!


Are you addicted to Facebook? I am! Some of the applications are really fun to play around with! I was initially addicted to Scrabble, now I'm on Hangman! Hehe...what fun! :) I have a short attention span so I don't stick to an application for long!

Online Dating

In this busy age and time, sometimes having the opportunity to meet people or potential dates are almost impossible. Some of us may work in companies where everyone there is either married or old or some may just be too busy working that they don’t even have time to get to know others. This is where Dating Sites come into the picture and with the busy lives of young people today, it had become an alternative that many choose to take after failed relationships or lack of opportunities to meet others.

It is, however, important to go with a good dating site that is reliable and safe. Some unscrupulous sites sell your information so it’s important to know which are good sites and which aren’t. If you’ve been looking for a good dating site, come over to which provides honest reviews of all the available dating sites so you can know which are safe sites to sign yourself up with. They also provide lots of tips about dating and internet dating and how to protect yourself when going on internet dates for the first time. Best of all, the site is absolutely free! So if you’ve been tired of your single status or simply giving internet dating a try, surf over to before you start signing up on internet dating sites!

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Tiring Yoga

We had a really tiring yoga session last night. I hadn't been going for my yoga for about 2 weeks already so as usual I was rusty and unable to do a lot of the poses. On top of that, the teacher decided to put us through some new moves that were really like those yoga poses yogis in India do! Most times I was struggling along trying to do them and ended up giving up on some of them! It was a good class though. I'm glad I went for it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Never Too Late To Study

I’ve been hearing lots of advertisements on the radio encouraging people to take up a degree or to do further study. The idea behind the advertisement is that you’re never too old to do a degree and with so many online courses and universities now, it’s easy to do, even while working or even if you’ve already left school many years ago.

One great University that has gained lots of students is capella university. It’s a fully online university offering all kinds of bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees in a wide variety of courses. You can pursue anything that interests you, from business to psychology. Best of all, it’s an accredited university so you can be sure that your degree will be accepted anywhere. So if you’re considering further study, consider Capella University. You wouldn’t regret your choice.

Goji for Health

In this age of modern technology, people seem to be reverting back to traditional remedies for their illnesses or to maintain good health. One traditional remedy that has long been used by the Chinese and Indians is the Goji berry. I recall my grandmother always boiling it in soups and telling us to eat it as it was supposed to be good for our eyes and health. Today, research has proven that Goji Berries pack a power punch of anti-oxidants and vitamins needed to fight the free radicals to maintain good health and keep away degenerative diseases.

It’s widely available now in all kinds of forms, from berries to juices and tablets to make it easy for people to take them. The juice is said to be pleasant tasting and nice to drink, especially if drunk cold on a hot summer’s day plus unlike sweetened drinks, it provides a boost of vitamins while cooling you down. It’s a great way to maintain good health with a tried and true traditional health remedy.

Indian Food

I think I'm allergic to the spices in Indian food. I've noticed that I always end up with a lot of air in my stomach, indigestion and a really uncomfortable feeling everytime I've eaten Indian. I've been told that drinking "rasam", the sour soup that accompanies most Indian meals, or chewing on cardomom pods after the meal would help digest the food. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on me. I think I'd better stay away Indian for a while as much as I love their papadum!

Sunny Shades

There’s a huge market for replica sunglasses. Every market in Asia seems to carry all kinds of designer brands for a fraction of the price. I’ve seen Guccis and Chanels in Petaling Street and Bangkok. I guess there will always be a demand for trendy and fashionable Sunglasses without the expensive designer price tag. It’s a great way to look fashionable without having to shell out lots of money for the designer name. Traders are equally happy as there’s a huge profit margin to be gained from selling these as they usually obtain it at very cheap prices.

Companies like CTS Wholesale Sunglasses which specialize in Wholesale Sunglasses at great discount prices provide all kinds of replica sunglasses to traders everywhere. They even provide the authentic looking designer packaging so you can take home your sunnies in a nice and trendy case! They’re even attentive enough not to put their name on the box so your competitors wouldn’t know where the source of your sunglasses is coming from. So if you’ve been looking into the sunglasses business, contact CTS to find out more!

Porridge in DU

I had dinner there last night. It's a Teochew porridge place where there are a variety of dishes to choose from to go with steaming hot bowls of porridge. Personally I find Teochew porridge a rather expensive dish to eat as they tend to slaughter you when they count the prices. However, it still seems to be really popular. I guess it's because you get to choose what you want to eat and porridge is always a nice comfort food at the end of a long day.

Wardrobe Makeover

I’ve been getting quite tired of my wardrobe. Every morning, I open it and see the same shirts, skirts and pants hanging there. I’ve run out of means to mix and match my clothes already! It’s getting quite stressful. Maybe it’s time I change my wardrobe. However, changing a wardrobe involves spending lots of money! It may be a good idea to just wait for the sale.

Books at Sale

I went to the Big Bookshop sale the other night just for a quick look-see as I was around the area. As usual they had stacks and stacks of books everywhere. However, this time around, their novels seemed to be less compared to the last time. Their children books variety also seemed to have dropped until I found that they had moved the display around. I managed to find a treasury book by Roald Dahl, one of my favourite authors! :) Yippee...I love getting good bargains!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learn a New Language

When I was in the Middle East, I met a man who was amazing. He could speak so many different languages simply be spending some time listening to the language! I always admire people who have a flair for languages but apparently now, you can learn easily with the Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software which I saw on the Internet. It’s a fantastic concept that helps you master almost any language through 250 hours of mastery instruction. It has a whole range of foreign languages you can learn from common ones such as Mandarin to some forgotten ones such as Persian! The step by step program it uses ensures that all aspects of the language are covered and provides constant exercises with tutorials for you to practice your new language. It’s a great tool and one I’ll consider buying!

Big Bookshop Sale

Hurrah! My favourite bookshop warehouse sale is back! :) I love the bargains I can get there. However, recently, I think due to popular demand, the prices of the books have gone up and they aren't as cheap as they used to be anymore. It's still cheaper than most bookstores though so I guess I'm not complaining!

Paddling in Gentings

I recall going to Gentings when I was little, before they started developing the place into the massive theme park it is today. Back then, they used to have a little lake with all kinds of boating services available, from paddle boats to rowing boats in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. I do recall going on a paddle boat with my sis which was hard work as you have to actually have to paddle hard to get the boat going. I wonder where that lake has gone now!

Out of Raisins

I eat my oats every morning with raisins. However, this morning I'd forgotten that I had polished off the last of the raisins yesterday and didn't buy a new tub to replace them. So I had to eat it with cranberries instead and it tasted a little funny. Maybe because cranberries have a bit of oil in them to prevent them from sticking. I find the oat breakfasts my dad prepares for me very good. It keeps me going till lunch.

Keep the Romance Alive

I was listening to the radio on my way to work and the DJs were providing tips on how to keep the romance alive in your relationship and marriage with romantic gestures or words. It’s easy to lose the romance, especially after you’ve been married a few years and a whole lot of other more important things such as children and financial obligations start getting in the way. But what many should realise is that keeping the romance alive isn’t all that difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is a few minutes to write a love letter or a few seconds to tell someone you love them. That little effort and little surprises will definitely keep the sparkle in your marriage going for a long time.

Starving for Dinner

I don't know why but I've been getting really hungry nowadays. I got home around 7+ last night after battling traffic and was starving! Luckily mom had cooked dinner and I couldn't wait to tuck in! Weird thing was I ate lots but still felt a bit empty. Then later last night, I ended up with a stomachache :( Maybe I was having a bit of gastric due to my light lunch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Holiday in Hawaii

I love travel and watching travel programmes. When I was recently in a hotel room, I was watching a fantastic program which featured the beautiful beaches and azure waters of Hawaii. It was really beautiful to see the lush green forests which sloped down onto white sandy beaches with the sparkling waters lapping at the beach. There are lots of accommodation options available as well for the traveler. Some sites such as Hawaiian Vacation Kailua and Kauai Vacation Rentals provide a fantastic range of accommodation options which range from the affordable hotel rooms to the highly luxurious private villas. The program featured some of the villas which were really beautiful! I could definitely imagine myself staying there!

I also learnt that lots more information could be found at the Kauai Travel Blog which has lots of great features on what to do on this beautiful island. So if you’ve always wanted to unwind and aren’t sure where to go, head for Hawaii.

70+ emails!

I got back to the office after being away part of last week for some travel and found my email inbox overflowing with more than 70 emails! Plus more kept coming throughout the day yesterday. I managed to clear about half of them but I still have tonnes to go through today. It's crazy...I wonder how people cope when they're away for more than a week!

Beach Bumming in Hawaii

I was on my way back from Middle East this weekend when our plane got delayed in Thailand. Due to the delay, I got to know some of the fellow passengers quite well and we started chatting to each other. It was interesting knowing where some of them were on transit from or where they were headed as each traveler had their own story to tell. There was a family onboard as well who were on their way back from their holiday in beautiful Hawaii. Apparently their family friend owned a Hawaii beach house and had generously offered them the place to stay.

Thanks to great sites such as the Hawaii Travel Blog and Kauai Travel Info sites, they had a fantastic time beach bumming and sunning themselves on the tropical and beautiful beaches while indulging in really fresh and delicious seafood. The wife had lots of opportunities to do shopping while the children had a truly fun day frolicking in the ocean surf. It sounded like they had a great holiday and the tan and smiles they had weren’t even dampened by the overnight stopover we had to do!

La Manila Cafe

I went to this cafe for lunch yesterday with a colleague. It was actually quite full but I didn't think that the menu there was really great. It was basically Penang style hawker food in a cafe setting. My colleague had a char kuey teow which took a rather long time to come. I think it was because the chef fries each individual plate as they're ordered. I also didn't like the fact that the pie I ordered came microwaved. That made the pastry soggy and rubbery instead of crispy. I don't think I'll be eating there again.

Kona Beach

I’ve been traveling a lot and in terrible need of a vacation. I was surfing online recently and got really attracted to the beautiful beaches of Kona, Hawaii. It’s one of the most popular beaches on this tropical paradise and hugely popular with tourists. The waters there are pristine and really blue while the sand is so fine and white it’ll make just lying on the beach such a pleasurable experience! I also read the Kona Travel Blog and found that there is so much to do on the beautiful beach that you’ll never end up getting bored!

You’ll be equally spoilt for accommodation as there’s so much to choose from with Kona vacation rentals and Kauai Vacation Rentals. I was terribly tempted by their beautiful range of villas, beach homes and equally luxurious hotel rooms. It’s a pity Hawaii is such a long flight away! Otherwise I’ll be there every weekend if I could! Hehe

Foreign Visitors

We have some foreign visitors in town today from Central Asia. My guess is that we'll be entertaining them for dinner. However, I'm hoping to get out of it. I don't really like entertaining and making small talk, what more when they're all men. It's pretty uncomfortable being the only female in a group of men together with my boss!

Hawaii Paradise

Have you ever heard of home rentals? One of my friends who lived in Hawaii used to do that. She had a lovely home right on the beach within walking distance from the waves and would wake up to glorious sunrises glowing over the sparkling ocean. Her house got a little empty once her children had started leaving home so she decided to put her home up with Hawaiian Beach Rentals under their Hawaii home rentals. That way, tourists could get a genuine Hawaiian experience by staying in a Hawaiian home and being treated to the real aloha spirit.

She has almost fully dedicated her days to her tourist visitors and it pleases her greatly to provide them with all kinds of vacation information which she usually gets from the Kauai Travel Blog or Oahu Vacation Info sites. I think it’s a wonderful idea as it allows the locals an opportunity to open their homes to tourists and tourists a chance to really experience the local Hawaiian culture and warmth.

Lost Opportunities

I logged into one of my favourite advertisers today and was shocked that I had no longer any more opportunities from it. I believe it's due to the Google PR meltdown that recently happened. Finding that out was just so sad. Even big bloggers such as LilianChan had a reduced PR on her blogs. I don't think it's fair for Google to penalise bloggers who do paid posts.

Hawaii Delights

A friend was planning to head to Hawaii for her honeymoon. She had the most spectacular wedding here and was hoping to continue the romance in sunny and beautiful Hawaii. An avid beach bum and scuba diver, she had already started to comb the Internet to see what she could do in Hawaii. She decided to stay in Kauai due to their beautiful sparkling blue beaches and found a great blog called the Kauai Travel Blog which had an exhaustive list of What to Do in Kauai. When she showed me the list, I told her she’ll probably be too busy doing her scuba diving, beach bumming and shopping to even enjoy her honeymoon!

She also planned to stay in a beautiful villa on the beach such as those offered by Kauai vacation rentals. It had a whole range of accommodation options from hotels to chalets and romantic beach villas which she chose to opt for. Hopefully she has a lovely honeymoon!

Google PR Meltdown

I came back from my trip last week to find that there had been a Google PR shakeup. That resulted in my blogspots being dropped really low all the way down to a 0 PR for one! :( That only means one thing...that my opportunities to do paid posts on it has probably disappeared! This is so sad :( There goes my alternative source of income, especially since i'm trying my best not to mess up my personal dotcom blog!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

UK Mortgages

I think buying a house is the most expensive and stressful thing you would ever do in your life. It’s never easy to make the right decision about the best developer to buy from or what type of home to buy from the huge range of condos and landed properties out there. However, equally difficult to the home shopping process is the mortgage shopping process. There are so many offers out there from financial institutions and banks all over the country so how will you know what’s best for you? It’s always advisable to contact reliable and independent financial advisors to learn everything about Mortgages UK so you can make the best decision.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lost a Weekend

I lost a weekend due to a delay by Gulf Air which saw me spending a night in Hat Yai in a terrible hotel! It was a really traumatic experience as we were all tired and longing to be home only to be told that we had to do a stopover in Hat Yai due to some airplane technical problems. I guess I should be thankful I'm back safely in one piece instead!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Blue Yonder

I used to hear a lot about Blackpool from my siblings who studied in the UK. A friend visited Blackpool recently and told me how much fun it was. It had all kinds of crazy amusement parks and rides, yummy fish and chips with the all famous English mushy peas and the very special item that’s synonymous to Blackpool – Blackpool rock. He stayed in one of the nice Blackpool Hotels in that area that caters to the hordes of tourists who drop by every summer. He told me he was surprised that the hotel was so luxurious with much bigger rooms for a cheaper price compared to expensive London. Perhaps I should add Blackpool to my UK itinerary next year!

Rich State

I just got back from the Middle East last weekend. It was a truly amazing place. Amazing because there was so much concentration of wealth in just one small region. The people there are all really wealthy to the point where they can just throw their money around. Everywhere screams branded and expensive goods and not one person there carries a non branded handbag! Truly an eye-opener!

Romantic french beds

I met a friend for dinner recently and she was telling us that she had just bought a new home with her boyfriend and was looking at furnishing it up nicely. It so happened that we were in the mall at that time and decided to take a little detour to check out bed shops. Some of them had really beautiful beds which came with a very expensive price tag. However, none of them had a similar design to this really gorgeous French Beds I saw on a site. I advised her to check that site up instead to see if she could find her dream bed. Hopefully she finds something she likes!

Happy Birthday

It's my sis birthday so Happy Birthday, girl! Am sure you had a great one though I couldn't be there to celebrate it with you! Never mind, we'll celebrate when I'm back ok?!

Amusement park rides in Blackpool

I’m not one for Amusement Parks although my sis loves them. I’m scared stiff of thrill rides like roller coasters. But a friend went to Blackpool recently and I’m told that in Blackpool is an awesome amusement park, which is not to be missed.

Among the attractions is a huge roller coaster called the Pepsi Max which sis says is really great fun but I don’t really believe her. I’d probably get on it and puke my guts out. Then again, I’m really not one for roller coaster rides. I also got a ton of Blackpool rock from my friend. Its fun to look at but too sweet for my tastes!

Off on a jet plane

I'm off on a jet plane again, winging my way on a business trip. Where it takes me no one knows. Business trips are over rated when you are a kuchi rat like I am. You end up waiting with the masses instead of in a business lounge. The plus point is that I have wifi so here I am! Whee!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Play Poker Online

Gambling isn’t a very good past time and shouldn’t really be encouraged. However, there are some people who are really hooked on gambling and would make weekly trips up to the local casino here in the highlands which are easily an hour’s drive away. Some take gambling even one step over and choose to do it in the comfort of their own home with online poker games!

I used to wonder how they could know which were the best online casinos to visit. Then I found out that there were lots of great programmes around like Pro360 which takes out the headache of searching for the best online casinos. It’s detailed reviews on all the best online casinos means that intrepid gamblers can just sign in, read the honest and excellent reviews and dive straight into their game! Online casinos provide a seamless betting as players can play with almost any currency across the world and in every time zone. So if you love poker, you have to check out Pro360 to learn if you’ve been playing on the best sites all along!

Help for Sub-prime Customers

Since the recent sub-prime issue in the US, consumers with bad credit have been suffering greatly. All the banks and financial institutions will not touch any of these consumers now with a bargepole and wouldn’t dare provide them with any more lending facilities. This works out quite badly for poor credit consumers as they would find credit cards and all loans closed off to them. Luckily, there is help in the form of which provides an avenue for these consumers to compare the various credit offers from major providers. That way, these bad credit can at least find their feet again and slowly rebuild their credit standing.

Teak for Your Patio

Do you love wood and gardening? How would you like to create a beautiful Balinese styled garden for less or redecorate your patio with gorgeous furniture at a great price? If you’ve been looking for the perfect patio or garden furniture, look no further as you can now get teak garden furniture at great prices! Simply surf over to to chose from a whole range of beautiful furniture for your garden or patio. You’ll be spoilt for choice at the variety they have to offer, from teak benches to even teak lounges, you can decorate your garden with this beautiful and hardy furniture pieces.

Take advantage of their great sale prices and rest assured that your teak tables come only from sustainable forests so your furniture isn’t hurting the environment. Teak is a strong hardy wood and will last you for many years on so do invest in a beautiful garden or patio set now. You wouldn’t regret it!

Farewell Lunch Cancelled

I had a meeting around lunch time yesterday and when I came down, I found that the proposed farewell lunch for my colleague didn't materialise. It was quite surprising as I thought the secretaries were planning something. Maybe they're planning to do it today instead.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Radios Truckers Use

Did you ever wonder what people used before handphones? Some of them used to use CBRadios or Citizen’s Band radio. These radios are a relatively short range radio that is often used in the construction or transportation industry. Truckers previously used them as a method of communication between their fellow truckers to warn them of speed traips or police road blocks ahead. They still use them today as they are free unlike a handphone which incurs a charge each time a call is made. So while the age of the handphones may have arrived, there is still a place for alternative forms of communication such as CB Radios.

Oats for Breakfast

Dad usually makes our oats for breakfast so this morning I tried making my own myself as he had gone back. I tried using his recipe and guess what? It was so thick that my spoon couldn't move! :P So I had to add more water to the thick concoction and managed to spoon it down. It's now sitting in my tummy like a little lump of rock!

Printer Catridges

We do lots of printing in our office especially lots of presentations and documents in colour. This often results in our printer cartridges running out very quickly and more often than not, the replacements are either always late or no one seems to know what sort of cartridges to buy. Luckily with Cartridge Finder, finding the correct cartridge is no longer a problem as their interface makes it easy to find cartridges for all kinds of printers. Find out more in their press release below! has an easy to use interface that makes it simple to figure
out which cartridges are required for more than 10,000 different models of
printer, copier, and fax machines.

The site also checks's merchant listings to find you the best price on the product
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