Friday, September 24, 2010

Lack of Protection

Throughout the whole week of renovation, I've noticed that the workers here don't seem to be very well protected despite handling chemicals and cement. All they have is a thin covering of cloth or their own T-shirt around their mouth and nose even when doing hacking. Imagine the amount of dust they are breathing in as they move from block to block to do the hacking! Over time, I'm sure these fine dust particles will have some adverse impact on their health. Probably not to the extend where they'll require a Mesothelioma lawyer but still may not be good for them. The companies should at least be a little more humane in treating their workers.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Treating Acne

Some people don't have much tact and seem to think they are allowed to make all kinds of comments just because they are older or related. I used to have quite bad acne when I was a teenager and some well meaning but untactful older women would make comments about my skin and prescribe all kinds of acne treatments that work, according to them. Needless to say, those comments don't do much for a teenager's self-esteem. Teenagers today are much luckier as there is a whole slew of treatments available for them these days, from expensive facials to dermatologists.

Curing Acne

I used to see a rather famous dermatologist in KL for my acne problem. He has a renowned reputation for solving most people's acne problems. However, some of the acne pills he prescribes can have a detrimental effect on pregnant women so he will always do a check to see if you're expecting or whether you are on any birth control medication. If you aren't, he will prescribe a milder form of medication instead. I have since stopped taking his pills although my acne isn't totally cured as I have some reservations about taking medication on a long term basis. Hopefully my acne will eventually go away once the reno and dust is gone.

Shampoo for Hair Loss

I used to have quite long hair past my shoulders and used to freak out whenever I saw the amount of hair loss I had. A friend recommended me Dove shampoo for hair loss which was said to reduce the amount of hair droppage. However, it did not do that much for my hair when I was using it and I still found lots of hair in the bathroom after my shower. I tried cutting my hair shorter as I suspected the length could be the problem but it has still been dropping quite a bit. Does anyone have a fool proof hair loss shampoo they can recommend? I don't really want to be balding before my time!

Blackhead Pore Packs

The renovation in our house has caused lots of dust. Sleeping in a tiny room cramped with our dusty furniture doesn't quite help either and I've seen some new spots appearing on my face and blackheads on my nose! My facial is long overdue as I haven't had time to do one in a while! Perhaps it's time I ran out to buy a bottle of facial scrub to get rid of my nose blackheads or one of those funky pore pack things which claim to lift blackheads from your pores. Anyone ever tried one before? Does it work?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Insurance Policies

Now that I'm out of the country, I've been wondering if I should continue my critical illness cover that I purchased several years ago. I'm not sure if the benefits are still entitled to me or my family should it be claimed outside Malaysia. Hopefully it works like term life insurance policies where the benefits are still payable otherwise it would have been a waste of money to pay such high policies and get nothing in return.

Being Independent Again

DH hasn't travelled in a while, much to my surprise. I have to admit that I've gotten quite used to him being around the house when I return and preparing dinner on weekdays when I'm late. However, all good things must come to an end and he's currently preparing for yet another trip in the next month. Time for me to be independent yet again!

Moistening The Air

Its ironical to suffer from dry skin in a tropical hot and humid country but a high number of people do due to their air-conditioned surroundings. We're perpetually in air-conditioned areas from the work place, to our cars and homes. Hence, its not surprising that more people are turning to dehumidifier units to help to moisten the air in their homes and to reduce problems prolonged dry air brings such as asthma and dry skin.